Sunday, September 6, 2009

sunday sounds

the reason sunday sounds hasn't been exactly every week is that, besides being busy, i am only going to post something if (a) i'm really feeling it, and (b) it fits. and the last couple of weeks i've been struggling with mixes that matched those categories. this week i've had no problem and have found something that fits and vibes nicely: it is an ambient mix from the black dog, the 2nd of a 12 part podcast series they're doing. i am a big fan of mixes like this that show a different side to an artist. in this sense it reminds me a bit of cio's 'on clouds' mix. anyway, it struck me as something good for your sunday, and it has been appropriate for my sore head. for all the hardcore audiophiles, i should warn you that it is unfortunately only 128kbps.

01. Intrusion - Under The Ocean - Echospace [detroit]
02. Intrusion - Static Waves - Echospace [detroit]
03. Louderbach - Autumn - Minus
04. Terry Riley - Poppy No Good - Rough Trade
05. Robin Rimbaud - Sans Soleil - Bine
06. Peter Broderick - Music for Falling from Trees, Pt. 3_ Pill Induced Slumber - Erased Tapes
07. Peter Broderick - Music for Falling from Trees, Pt. 6_ Electroconvulsive Shock - Erased Tapes
08. Stars Of The Lid - Hiberner Toujours - Kranky
09. Robin Rimbaud - Anna Livia Plurabelle - Bine
10. Peter Broderick - A Glacier - Erased Tapes
11. White Rainbow - April 25th 11.14PM - Kranky
12. The Black Dog - Plinth (Tones) - Soma
13. The Black Dog - Plinth (Beatless) - Soma

have a good sunday people.


  1. Thanks for the post! Still no really done with your previous post, but this will be very welcome tonight.since i have no days off the next six weeks, i really look forward to your posts. The music gets me through.

  2. @ anon: thanks. it is comments like that which motivate me to keep going with the blog and put a smile on my face. happy i could help out in some way. music makes such a huge difference. i know i would be much less sane without it...

  3. mhh. interesting kind of music.
    for me not straight%deep enough for today. maybe its the redbull in my blood which makes me happy with the neel podcast.
    you will love it. tracklist:


    Anxur - Donato Dozzy / Mike Parker / Unreleased
    Bad Hands (Roly Vex'd Remix) / Surgeon / Dynamic Tension Records
    From Within (Marcel Dettmann Remix) / Scuba / Hotflush Recordings
    Hangin / Heiko Laux / Kanzleramt
    Transition / Isomer / Future days
    On The Run (Edit-Select Remix) / Gary Beck / Edit Select Records
    Subzero / Ben Klock / Ostgut-Ton
    Bauer / Edit Select / Ostgut-Ton
    Spherique / Emmanuel Top / Novamute
    Untitled / Damon Wild / Music Man Records
    Untitled / Mike Parker / Unreleased
    Caesura / Mike Parker / Geophone Records
    Guava / Norman / Synewave
    Lernoult / Roman Debnar / Anonymous Release

  4. @ katrin: thanks, i hadn't noticed that set. very keen to hear this. neel has shown real potential.

  5. Terry Riley - Poppy No Good. I wonder, did they watch the Prog Britannia program recently, were it was featured.

    I was searching for a name for this for years, and once you find it you see it everywhere.

  6. @ katrin: almost finished listening to neel's mix now. i like it, but it feels a bit too derivative. the influence of donato dozzy can be felt a bit too strongly for my liking.

  7. @ katrin - Thanks for the link. Big fan of Neel and this is quite Dozzy like hence why I really like it & 320 too - even better. Thanks !

  8. actually - scrap that. I liked the start.


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