Friday, July 31, 2009

set up!

i wasn't planning on posting any sets for a while, but there are just so many good ones i am listening to right now, i had to share! before i get into them, i am presuming everyone here already has the livepa from PvH and the dj mix from steffi over at LWE. if not, hurry up and get them. ok, onto the rest:

liasons dangereuses mixtape, 15/6/1989 pt 1 - pt 2 - pt 3: well, this is not exactly new. but i dug it up again last week. and it has been on repeat ever since. it is ridiculous how much good shit there is in this 3 hour megamix. it still blows my mind now, i can't even imagine how this would have sounded to fresh ears back in '89. respect! [from memory, one of the DL links is labeled wrong, but these are the right files.]

maurice fulton - bubbletease 51 mix: i used to follow the bubbletease mixes, but then they disappeared. i didn't realise he was still doing them until i saw someone on twitter lose their shit over this mix. and rightly so. damn. maurice. is. so. good. the scary thing about this mix is that it is made up of all his own productions. maurice is criminally under-rated. undoubtedly one of the best producers out there. a true house genius. impressive that a legend like maurice can be keeping it fresh after so many years. again, respect!

shed livepa @ sonar lab, 2009: this one kinds of speaks for itself. shed knows how to bring the hammer. his music has so much force to it. one thing i really like about this recording is you can hear a real development in his livepa in comparison to the bodytonic one from last year.

franco cangelli - hybridize five mix: to be honest, i normally like, but never love, franco's mixes. this is a reflection on me more than anything - he always plays plenty of great records and can mix fine, so no problem there. anyway, the good news is that franco and i have finally connected, as a result of his latest mix. it is a powerful set of deep, emotive techno. nice... the first hour has its moments, but it is the second hour that really does it for me. builds an amazing vibe and feel throughout the whole set. recommended.

roger 23 @ studio 80, 27.05.2009: roger 23 is someone i've always known by reputation, but never heard, so i'm glad to have finally come across a mix of his. i can see he deserves a rep. this is a lovely mix. he is part of the swayzak soundsystem and this does have some records from, and the feel of, those great groovetechnology and fabric swayzak mix cds. again, just take me word and download it. you'll be glad you did.

ok, that's all. think i've found an appropriate mix for 'sunday sounds', and one of these days i might try to do a more substantive post again. but lets not get our hopes up too high.


  1. just got around to getting steffi's shopcast...

    its just great; can't wait to listen to it loud at home just flies along too.



    do you know the marcel dettman mix on sonar 2009? amazing too

    best wishes from munich/berlin

  3. thx for posting the roger 23's from my blog & i'm one of the organizers of of the Redevice invites... parties at Studio 80...
    check out the rest of my mixes:

  4. @ katrin: everyone is loving that dettmann mix, but to be honest, i have not been feeling it. need to give it another go perhaps...

    @ fr.odo: apologies, didn't realise that is where the mix was from. i've updated the link. keep up the good work!

  5. a nice selection chris - thanks! i've been enjoying this mix by dino sabatini.

  6. Awesome sets, thanks a lot chris.

    Just one question : do you know the ID of the 1st track on Maurice's podcast?

    Thanks again

  7. Chris and all, check this. Really nice.

    01. Tadeo - Monotono [CMYKmusik]
    02. Jason Emsley - And now meet massif [Siteholder Cup]
    03. Milton Bradley - Derealization [Do Not Resist The Beat!]
    04. Nax Acid - Synthetic Nature [Aconito Records]
    05. T++ - Audio1995#8 [Apple Pips]
    06. Giorgio Gigli - Spazio [Prologue]
    07. Dino Sabatini & Rossella - Tribes [Prologue Demo]
    08. Cio D'Or - Brokat [Prologue (October 2009)]
    09. Dino Sabatini & Rossella - Caveman [Prologue Demo]
    10. Barem - So serial [M_nus]
    11. James Ruskin - Massk [Blueprint]
    12. Edit Select - Aurian [Lick My Deck]
    13. Samuli Kemppi - Droning [Prologue (September 2009)]
    14. Donato Dozzy & Cio D'Or - Limone [Time2Express]
    15. Giorgio Gigli - Self-Reflection [Prologue]
    16. Juho Kahilainen - Kuolonkellot [Prologue]

  8. @ maxx: all i know is that it is a track produced by fulton. don't know anything beyond that.

    @ srdic: yep, the prologue mix by tom is great. very happy to see them getting some love.

  9. The Liaisons Dangereuses mega-mix is fucking awesome. If you've been digging the fantastic first installment of the Optimo podcasts (the "synth summer" one), then you totally need to listen to this.

    Similarly, if you loved Peter Van Hoesen's mix for Modyfier (mix 78), Silent Servant's "El Baile" mix, or Optimo's Electrobeat mix, you totally need to listen to this.

    The thing I find really interesting about this (besides the radio show vibe, which gets me totally nostalgic) is that this isn't a mix where people are looking back - this is a contemporary mix. Well, okay, they're playing tracks from all throughout the 80s, so they're looking back a bit. But not the 20-odd years people look back when they're making a mix like this today ...

    Not to suggest that looking back is a bad thing. Not at all. I fucking love this particular sound, so I'm really happy whenever I hear a DJ revisiting it. I just mean that hearing a contemporary mix of this stuff is really interesting ...

    Anyways, lots of awesome songs here ... enjoy!

  10. hello,hello...
    i`m totally hot on the "shed"-recording, but it don`t works ?!!! ;-(
    what happens ??
    thanks so much buddy !

  11. Oh, i got it now - sorry.
    It´s because of my soundplayer-settings.

    Best, Ident

  12. who can help me to ID the track around min 14 in shed's set?



  13. @ sven,
    its from the new wax 20002. the a-site.
    can somebody help with a tracklist for maurice fulton. i go crazy about the second tune.

    2ssgs: once again: great selection. thanks

  14. Chris,

    Yes, Shed's live performance has really improved from his Bodytonic podcast last year. He's such a talented producers. One of the best in my book. I really loved this recording. Thanks for digging it up.


  15. @ chris
    to be honest, your are right, this is not the best dettman mix.

    i think you his "Marcel Dettman - Live @ I Love Techno 2008 (15-11-2008)" mix?


    there is so much off energy and roughness and the beautiful oldschool track "Acid Creak (Pierre’s Reconstruction Mix)"
    - one word to this track by spokesman: some weeks after i heard the mix i was visiting berghain. and you know what?! in the moment i take the first step on the dancefloor, marcel plays this increadible track. i never heard this track LOUD before. maybe
    it was the most intensive moment in 2009 for me - like god speaks to me, if you know what i mean;)

    god save acid creek, marcel and berghain.

  16. @ anon: thank you for sharing that moment. i know exactly the feeling you must have had. i think i have heard that ILT mix, but will listen to it again. thanks.

  17. could somebody be so kind as to provide an alternate link for the roger 23 mix. It keeps getting cut short in the downloading process for me. thanks for all the sweet sets

  18. @ last anon: here is a mirror for the roger23

  19. I finally listened to Roger 23.

    SO GOOD.


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