Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To and Fro and dainty dubstep, screaming divas, and... Oni Ayhun

Hey SSG peepz,

regular readers may have 'tuned in' when, about eight months ago, I was a guest on To and Fro, a radio show on Melbourne's RRR. For some weird reason, they decided to have me back in/on... hell, they've even decided to make it a semi regular thing. Must be all the amyl I gave them, after I ripped their shirts off.

Listening back on the recording, several repetitive, personal obsessions (which you may have also read me indulging here) came back to the fore: the undeath of plugins mnml; the general entropy of 'dance music' (good and bad); the overuse of the words 'balance' and 'convincing' to describe tracks I like... and the fact that I talk.... at speed, and in great quantities of words. Very strange realising the hyperactive pessimist I am.

In any case, may thanks to Dave and Tim for having me on the show - hopefully RRR listeners got a good SSG dose, hopefully SSG readers will get some idea of what I sound like and how the SSG sounds fit into the ambient background of Melbourne independent and electronic music, of which To and Fro is an integral part... it also may be interesting for listeners from all over to hear a slice of Melbourne's 'take' on things... you can also check out Declan Kelly's Against the Arctic [blog] [radio site] and Michael (who has an ironic moustache but a good record collection) Kucyk's Noise in my Head, both of which I really recommend....

You can check out the podcast here. Sendspace mirror is here. Tracklist is here. ...at the very least, this is your chance to hear the b-side of Oni Ayhun's third EP in its entirety... which is something, given it's arguably the EP of the year so far.

...I'm also keen to carry on a discussion on any of the 'points raised' in the comments section.

Emjoi (gently)


  1. Very cool, looking forward to giving this a listen. What sort of sound(s) do they usually push on the show?

  2. is the A side of the Oni Ayhun record around too somewhere ?
    def. a producer to keep an eye on it seems.

  3. Too bad that Oni Ayhun 003 is sold out everywhere!

    I sent them an email and he/she is looking into a repress. I sure hope he/she does.

  4. Being a melbourne native i should tune into this station more often! great mix.


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