Sunday, July 26, 2009


last night i finally got to see prosumer spin and he was even better than i could have hoped for. just to put things in perspective, this is what i wrote on twitter before the party:

"prosumer tonight. excited. will be shocked if he is anything less than totally awesome."

the fact he managed to exceed my very high expectations really says something about how good he was.

yesterday afternoon when walking home from the train station i was thinking about how to define or explain exactly what it is about this music that makes it so special and important. there are different ways this can be answered, but for me one part of it is this: when it comes down to it, the music can be such an incredibly powerful and overwhelmingly positive force. everything disappears and the sounds are like a guided missile aimed right at your very core. and when it hits, the result is an amazing and rare sense of clarity, happiness and gratitude. of course there are other fundamental dimensions to techno/house/electronic music, but this is a distinguishing feature - it can impact on me in a manner that nothing else does.

of course, this is not a constant sensation when listening to the music. far from it. most of the time it is a soundtrack to life, a constant that sometimes moves to centre stage, though is often just ticking away in the background. last night, however, prosumer created one of those special moments. for 3+ hours he played to a small, black dancefloor filled with a slightly small but high quality crowd (something increasingly rare in tokyo). the vibe was just right. the mixing was tight. the track selection was spot on. a large portion (i think) were old records: most i never knew existed and the ones i did recognise prosumer made sound fresh. when all this was put together i could experience a special and rare moment: everything faded away, all the bullshit disppeared, and what was left was just an incredible elemental sense of joy and happiness. for those couple of hours i was just so happy, and felt incredibly lucky to be able to experience something like that.

and that is what is should be like.

if achim happpens to read this, thank you.

and to everyone else, next time he is in your hood, go get yourself prosumered.


  1. i saw him one month ago (Les Siestes Electroniques festival in France) by a perfect saturday afternoon ending and totally felt the positive, conforting force you're talking about. i don't think he is the greatest dj as far as the mixing is concerned, but there is focus on essential music and records filled with a certain faith in his sets that make the idea of a house nation sound fresh again for whatever few dozen of people he is playing for. Great blog btw.

  2. "and when it hits, the result is an amazing and rare sense of clarity, happiness and gratitude."

    Very well said — you came damned close to describing the whole point of it, which is really hard to do. Especially the gratitude part.

  3. "and when it hits, the result is an amazing and rare sense of clarity, happiness and gratitude."

    Yeah, I hear you man. Well said.

    Really need to check Prosumer out in a club asap.

    Any future Fabric dates lined up does anybody know?

  4. saw prosumer in manchester with the faktion boys back in march and it was absolutely mindblowing, ultra-deep, ultra smooth; a proper sense of direction in his set and some real bite to his tracks and proper chicago/mancunian acid punishment. defo check him out, one of the the better ostgut dj's!!

  5. @ redhotcar: what you say about prosumer having a 'a certain faith in his sets' is completely spot on...

    and it seems like he does have a special ability to generate these feelings amongst many people. awesome.

  6. He's a very nice and sexy guy! :-)

  7. i saw a very special set of his in the panoramabar garden last summer, tagging with tama sumo for 8 hours, noon to 8 pm. best, most positive dj set i've ever heard / best, hardest dancing i've ever done.

  8. Prosumer is an amazing DJ...not the best technically...but he plays records to die for!!!


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