Tuesday, July 21, 2009

mnml ssgs mx33: lerosa presents 'house classics v2'

last december lerosa put together a gem of a livepa for the ssgs. it is an excellent showcase of his sounds and one of the many highlights in our mix series (if you haven't already listened to it, definitely go and download it now). we are now happy to have another contribution from leo, this time in the form of a dj mix. earlier this year lerosa did a house classics mix for real soon radio, which was very well received. the good news is that he decided to do a sequel and share it with the ssgs. here it is for your listening pleasure.

there is not too much description necessary for this mix: 'house classics' pretty much sums it up. plenty of bomb records here and the whole mix has a great vibe for those in the northern hemisphere currently enjoying summer. and, as pete wrote to me in an email, 'it actually sounds quite a bit like lerosa - or, at least, you can tell the bits from house's past that appeal to him.' a great mix of fun, memories and a bit of education along the way.

lerosa presents 'house classics volume 2'
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lerosa released an EP earlier this year, 'minefield', on real soon. there is also a new EP with donato dozzy coming out soon on apnea, as well as a new solo EP on uzuri, and possibly a very limited mini LP on tape cassette for further records towards the end of the year. plenty to look forward to from our talented friend... and if you happen to be in/around dublin, lerosa is doing a vinyl only DJ set at the sycamore on august 2nd, and on august 14th he is playing live at a test party also featuring donato dozzy on the decks. from what i've heard leo and donato are very old friends so i have a feeling this will be a special night. for more info check lerosa's myspace.

big thanks to leo for this lovely mix. we've got the tracklisting, so don't worry you won't have to go crazy remembering these records for too long. enjoy these house sounds before next week we take you back to headfuck techno territory with mx34 coming from traversable wormhole.


  1. In download. I now have a reason for waking up today.

    Hands up to all that think he looks like Stephen Colbert.

  2. Link for lerosa's house classic v1, anyone?

  3. gig in the sycamore isnt for bodytonic , its for "Some Like it Deep"

  4. @ Jason Rule

    Colbert crossed with Fallon. Ha!
    Great tunes, full of memories.

  5. I felt I was listening to a Funky set when the track at 16:55 came in. Great mix thanks again.

  6. Lovely little mix this, lots of gems!

  7. Oh goodness... tracklist please. SO GOOD!

  8. Friday, 14 August 2009

    Donato Dozzy (Wagon Repair, Dozzy Records - Rome)
    Lerosa (Uzuri, Quintessentials)
    Scott Logan (D1, Enclave)



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