Sunday, July 19, 2009

sunday sounds

not exactly techno, but this is where i found myself yesterday. all pretty random, but quite a bit of fun. planning to catch margaret dygas spin tonight if i still have the energy/motivation in a few hours (i was thinking about going out friday and/or last night, but didn't get very far either night). anyway, here are two new sets that i've been digging. something to keep you company on this sunday, wherever you may be.

prosumer - php08 mix: i know some people have been shitting their pants over the recent recording of prosumer at the villa in oslo, but for whatever reason i much prefer this set. it could be because he plays a couple of classics i really like. anyway, easy option would be just grabbing both. i don't think i've heard a stinky set from prosumer yet. he is definitely on form at the moment. looking forward to finally catching him this friday.

eli verveine - tastes like blueberry mix: i like blueberries. i like eli verveine. i like eli verveine mixing tracks that taste like blueberry. then again, i am a total sucker for eli's sounds. another gem from one of the most under-rated djs about. get on it.

enjoy these mixes. enjoy your sunday. and make sure to keep enjoying anthony parasole's great ssg mx. we will have the next ssg mx on tuesday: lerosa who has put together a lovely selection of house classics. and next week we are moving from house back to headfuck techno, with a seriously mindbending mix from traversable wormhole.


  1. i didnt really dig that villa oslo mix from start to finish, so looking forward to checking that new one out. i just happened to pick up the new margaret dygas 12' on perlon and it's pretty good. there's an infectious little guitar riff on the b-side. listen out for it if you head down there!

  2. @ jonnyp: yeah, the oslo one lost me a bit, but i put it more down to me not being in the mood when listening to it. i've found myself listening to this one quite a bit, though.

    haven't heard dygas' perlon yet, but people seem to be liking it. hmm. i am tired and suffering a bit of club fatigue. not sure whether or not i will make it tonight!

  3. and i just found it is eli's birthday today, so happy birthday!

  4. Ah thanks for the Eli Mix! - Carebear, dustbunnies and the ssgmix get played at least once a week still. Looking forward to giving this a listen.

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  6. ouch, the suggested prosumer mix is sick!

  7. ahhhh he sighs ... Eli Eli Eli - nails it again.
    Dustbunnies and Blueberry are more gorgeousness that shes does just so well.
    Thanks for putting it up Chris.

  8. prosumer = :-) Quality tunage!

  9. Great mix by Eli, anyone know the track @ 22mins?


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