Saturday, August 1, 2009

mx34 - traversable wormhole: tracklisting

tracklisting for traversable wormhole's scorching ssg mix. if you haven't listened to it yet, i strongly suggest you change that asap.

mnml ssgs mx34: traversable wormhole

1. Traversable Wormhole Vol 3 - Exotic Matter
2. Donato Dozzy & Cio D'Or - Menta (Peter Van Hoesen Remix)
3. Scuba - Hundreds & Thousands
4. Monoloc - Black Pot
5. The Chain - Letting Go
6. Fabrice Lig - The Track
7. Traversable Wormhole Vol 2 - Where 3D Meets 2D
8. Planetary Assault Systems - Woodoo
9. Orphx - Alternation (Sleeparchive Mix)
10. Monolake - Atlas
11. Obtane - This Town Is A Rotten Morgue
12. Planetary Assault System - Angel Street
13. Exium - Togo Togo
14. Luka Baumann - Emergence Nine(Oscar Mulero Remix)

not sure when the next mix will be, or who it will be from, but we are very excited about the people we are expecting mixes from in the next month or two. plenty to look forward to! in the meantime, i'll be posting another 'sunday sounds' set tomorrow. hope everyone is good.


  1. copped this 12" a couple weeks ago. can't wait to check this out. peace.

  2. this is a pretty great mix, thanks

  3. TOGO TOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great little mix - has put me onto some really sick tunes (most notably that Fabrice Lig ditty, which is just amazing!).

  5. That The Chain track is awesome. I bought the Fabrice Lig record and wasn't that into it but it sounds incredible here, I'll have to dig it out again for another listen. Listened to this, Ancient Methods and Georgio Gigli while exploring Buenos Aires for the first time, thanks for the tunes!


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