Sunday, August 2, 2009

sunday sounds

ok, i got enough to encouragement to try to turn this into a regular thing. lets see how we go. a few weeks ago a good friend of the ssgs sent me an email entitled 'something for your mind'. it had no description, just a link. i trust his judgment, so i downloaded the link. and i am very happy i did. he had sent me a really deep ambient mix which reminds me a lot of some 90s ambient stuff and namlook's best moments. i have since found out it was mixed by someone from belgium called the cocabots. this is his description for the mix: "a 65 minute trip in space. use a good soundsystem or headphones to enjoy it the way it should be heard. almost beatless ambient and spacey." perfect for first thing in the morning or late at nights. or a sunday.

ambient journey - melkweg

it is recorded as a .wav file, so the sound quality is top notch (also means the file is a bit big).

enjoy your sunday...


  1. thanks for the mix. In true Sunday sounds fashion. I'm trying to download and play it without getting out of bed :)

  2. thanks for this one, and wav is great! dont stop chris dont!

  3. i'm staying in bed today, doing absolutely nothing. sunday ritual.

  4. Chris, I saw your name written on a whiteboard at monash university on friday with something about poetry near it. would this be the same chris mann as you?

    nice sunday sounds!

  5. Can anyone upload this to another site as I can't access Megaupload.... thanks, C.

  6. It came from mySPACE

    VBR mp3:


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