Friday, August 21, 2009

mx36 - falko brocksieper: tracklisting

sorry about the slight delay on this, here is the tracklisting for falko's special ssg mix. now you can work out what all those amazing records he played are! keep an eye out for the next ssg mix dropping start of next week...

Mouse On Mars - Schnick Schnack Meltmade [Too Pure, 1997]
Two Lone Swordsmen - Mr. Paris's Monsters [Warp, 1998]
Grumptronix - Black Orchid [Silicon Audio, 1996]
Peter Elflein - Roots [HAL9000, 1999]
Mark Ambrose - Greetings From Madam Dominique [Mosaic, 1999]
Vibert/Simmonds - Aple [Rephlex, 1993]
Pin-Ups In Exile - Body Shop [Pomelo, 1995]
Baby Ford - Mobile Home [Black Market International, 1997]
DJ Sneak - Purple Haze [Relief, 1995]
DJ Slip - Sketches Vol. 1 [Missile, 1996]
Robert Hood - Wandering Endlessly [M-Plant, 1996]
Anthony Shakir - Fact Of The Matter [7th City, 1998]
La Cienda Honduras - Om Igen [Gungeligung, 1999]
Funky Transport - Vice [Playhouse, 2003]
JP Buckle - One For Da Laydeez [Rephlex, 1998]
Kenny Larkin - Azimuth [Warp, 1994]
Steve Stoll - Ausgang II [Synewave NY, 1995]
Dettinger - Blond [Kompakt, 1999]
JP Buckle - Heavy Soil [Rephlex, 1998]
Dave Tarrida & Tobias Schmidt - Teenager [Tresor, 1998]
Photek - Glamourama [Science, 2000]
Todd Sines - Can't Keep Up [Residual, 1996]
Hell+Jonzon - Bastoya [Disko B, 1995]
Ratio - Motorcity Revisited / Daniel Bell Mix [Central, 2001]
Justin Berkovi - Temptation [Nightrax, 2001]
Fred Fresh - 5 Mouths [Sounds, 1995]
Alenia vs. Torul V - Ladua Theme [Tissju, 2000]
Planetary Assault Systems - Function 4 [Peacefrog, 2000]
Plaid - Ol [Warp, 1997]
Chiapet - Tick Tock [Phonography, 1999]
G.T.O. - Majika Dub [React, 1995]
Tobias Schmidt - Mean It [Scandinavia, 1999]
DJ ESP - Sick & Tired [Communique, 1994]
Cristian Vogel - The Eternal Now [Mosquito, 1999]
(on top: Andrea Covington - Glen21 Interview [Tomorrow, 1999])
Le Car - Cinematic Automatic / Heinrich Mueller Remix [Intuit Solar, 1999]


  1. Really digging this mix. Listened to it this morning and was saying, "wait I have that" the whole time. Kind of fun to play the guessing game, but nice to have the tracklist, too. Makes me want to dig them out. Nice to see "Black Orchid" back in so many sets now.

  2. great tracklisting!! so many tracks I haven't heard in ages!

  3. great tracklisting, gives a good overview over techno-history beyond the usual detroit or minimal stuff

  4. So yeah.. I have so many of these tracks and I want to go straight back to the bins and dig 'em all out myself. As for the composition, "inspirational". Labels and artists from my home town here in Columbus, OH. Wish everyone hadn't left us here so lonely in the midwest, USA.

  5. This is one of the best mixes I've listened to in some time. On high rotation!

  6. 14 mins in with the vocal - Just let me be. What is it?


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