Monday, September 29, 2008

sunday sounds

a new country, a new timezone, but it is a sunday and still a find myself working in the office (admittedly a new one, but more of the same in too many ways). what to listen to? after enjoying the new convextion album, i headed over to bar25. nup. bog standard mnml. nothing happening there. and then while distracting myself, i came across this treat from julietta. just like ana, who provided us with the 10th ssg mix, julietta is a resident at harry klein. it is pretty obvious to hear why she has the gig after listening to this mix. just over 2 hours of deft mixing, keeping perfect control of the tempo and vibe. the result is an incredibly smooth ride: plenty of nice records and the BPMs never get too high. all in all, it has been exactly what i was in the mood for. TIP! (i think i may have to permanently steal this from hardwax).

julietta - 11pm mix (september 2008)


  1. the "new" convextion album actually came out in 2006.

  2. yes, but for those of us who dont really buy vinyl, it is new. but point taken...

  3. the larger point.....


    been rocking that one for 2 years myself as well, don't sleep......

  4. Actually (ahem) FYI, Convextion had the tracks on his hard drive long before they were on "vinyl".

    A peeve: it would be nice if people could issue it as a clarifier, rather than as a card hand in a competitive 'game o knowledge' or some kind of 'I see your Schwartz is as big as mine' oneupmanship.

    ...and it's only s.t. most of us 'know' cos discogs knows it for us, so...

  5. speaking of the ana mnml ssgs mix, does anyone know the track before dj koze's i want to sleep?
    the one saying my rock, my fortress, my deliverer at about 18mins in?

    thanks !

  6. yeah, i've been keen to ID that one too. serious tune... i've asked ana for a tracklist, so fingers crossed...

  7. jc freaks - the rock

  8. Pipey makes a good point mind. Buy vinyl, you get better music sooner.

  9. @ asif: provided, of course, it's available on vinyl... this might be true of Perlon, but of all?

    Speaking from an Australian PoV, digital distro makes a helluva lot of sense - people used to be at a serious disadvantage here in terms of what was available.

    Vinyl is a noble fetish and a handsome form of scratched plastic, but in some cases it prevents many people from hearing certain recordings... and this is just how some vinyl fetishists would have it... it's funny though, 'cos it's just a way of enacting a redundant form of one-upmanship, beginning with the kind of white-labelling that went on in Jamaica between competing sound systems and DJs.

    Maybe vinyl is just a way of CREATING scarcity (and hence a kind of value) where there is none, really.

    You can see this with the rise of ltd. eds.

    I can fully understand this for aesthetic and fetishistic reasons, and I support the 'stance' of labels (like Perlon) who want to stay vinyl only, but I can't see a rational argument for saying that you get 'better music sooner' through vinyl. In fact, I think this is complete rubbish.

    I've made some arguments in this regard at length here:

    And I'd like people to come clean about their format choice. What we need to hear from is someone who hasn't chosen a format (and is therefore to some extent disinterested) or a person under the age of vinyl (23 and under, I guess) who has committed to vinyl as their format of choice since about... I dunno, 2004 onwards.

    People who've been collecting since Tom Moulton's first moustache are inherently biased... you already have a collection, so of course you're gonna find arguments to justify the path you've chosen.

  10. i'm under 23 and i collect vinyl, but i do buy off beatport etc too.

    original reason i started buying vinyl was because i had an old parents turntable and liked the idea.

    i continue buying vinyl because for one, Perlon is my favorite label by far and

    2 because i'll buy special vinyl only edition things (like the oslo sub-label)

    3rd any tune that i like a lot i'll grab on plastic. i think it is only worth buying special stuff on vinyl which i think should maybe make labels more selective about what they release on a physical format. i live in australia which makes vinyl very expensive.

    @pipecock: you like starting arguments.

  11. julietta mix is a treat. thanks chris.


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