Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the land of the techno gods

just back from the labyrinth festival, and a very quick post now before retiring. i'll do a full report on the event later, but suffice to say, i have been listening to electronic music since about 97 and i have never experienced anything like what i did over the past few days. truly amazing and inspirational. so many highlights, with my favourites being convexion putting together a pretty much flawless livepa, scion destroying it for about 2.5 hours, and donato dozzy closing the festival with an absolutely mindblowing set. this guy is seriously something special. as i said, more to come, but for now, much respect to the organisers, all the artists and those that made it the event it was. 


  1. Please tell more and post pics if you took any. That festival sounds amazing!!

  2. Myself and Chris took a truckload of photos, so we'll be posting some of those after we've gone through and picked out the highlights.

    But, yes, it was an absolutely freaking amazing festival. (As usual ... this was my third time up there, and it's never let me down.)

  3. Wooooooooo Labyrinth!!!!!!!! Yep this year was amazing. Definitely the most phenomenal out of the past 4 years

    I took a truckload of photos too, I'll post a link here later.

  4. I can't wait! I hope someone can locate some recordings, as well. I also hope the move goes smoothly, Chris.


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