Thursday, September 11, 2008


just a quickie - i am currently in transit on my (eventual) way through to the UK, so i won't be posting much in the next few weeks as i sort out basic things like finding a place to live etc. also, apologies to those who have contacted us. i am in charge of that department, but i haven't been able to reply to emails because i've been so busy. will get back to people eventually, so feel free to write to us, just don't be offended if there is a delay in the reply!

i'll be posting the latest ssgmx from ana very soon. in the meantime, here is the latest from the club where she is a resident dj, harry klein. this is a monster recording from their birthday celebrations. i've just put it on now. 367 minutes long. nice.

marcel dettmann, marcel fengler, violett, ana, julietta @ 5 jahre harry klein 6.9.2008

that is a pretty serious lineup. can't wait to hear the fresh goodies the ostgut boys have in store for us. also a teaser, ana isn't the only person in that lineup who has an upcoming ssgmx...

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