Friday, September 26, 2008

all mixed up

ok, just a quick post. here are some of the sets i've grabbed and have been enjoying in the last week since arriving in the UK. normally i listen to sets quite a lot before posting them, but in this case most have been only listened to once or twice. with that proviso in mind, let us begin:

convextion @ faktion manchester 25.4.08

this set did the rounds when it was first released, but i made a note of avoiding it because i didn't want it to spoil seeing him at labyrinth. after his amazing livepa there, of course i was super keen to hear this. and it is brilliant. definitely check it if you haven't already.

bunker podcast 33: seth troxler

only listened to it once, but sounds like a keeper. seth really has something going on. so much life and joy in his DJing. it is impressive how much depth there is in his sound, you'd think he has been around forever.

bodytoniclive: shed livepa @ berghain

do i really need to bother describing this one to you? all i'll say is that it is as good as you'd expect. the opening is especially nice...

ed davenport @ betalounge 19.04.2008

this follows in the true betalounge tradition. seriously deep, special, chill vibes best suited for when the world has left you tired and in need of a musical pick me up. very glad someone has taken the time to rip this. fantastic stuff. as the hardwax crew would say, TIP!

serafin @ cityfox, z├╝rich 10.08.2008

to be honest, i haven't listened to this closely, but i know there are quite a lot of people out there who like our suisse friend and may be keen for this. i wonder when the next production from serafin and/or mountain people is going to drop. overdue!

radio slave @ ibiza sonica 16.09.08

i'm pretty sure mr slave must be a good DJ. but i've never seen him live and i've felt that the few recordings i've heard have not done him justice. this is much better. and much closer to his productions. bit more warped and stretched out. it is ruined a bit by the annoying radio announcers but still worth grabbing. presents dolshik, podcast #14 [2008]

our russian friends have been coming up with some really great mixes in their series, and this is another beauty. dolshik is someone new to me, and to be honest, i still don't know anything more than this mix. if the tracklisting isn't enough to convince you, hopefully my praise is. it finishes with a really amazing rhythm & sound record i hadn't heard before, but am now loving.

1.Masse/Memoire "Eta Merinae"
2.Gyges "4.44.444"
3.Fumiya Tanaka "For Set #3a"
4.DJ Bone "The Funk "
5.Norman Fairbanks "Engine Kiss"
6.Brendon Moeller "Humpback"
7.Deepchord "A1 - Untitled"
8.Daniel Stefanik "Dubplate"
9.Carl Craig "(B1) Demented Drums (Version)"
10.Nsi. Non Standard Institut "Clara Ghavami Extented"
11.cv313 "Motor"
12.Rhythm & Sound w/ Rod Of Iron "Lightning Storm"

samuli kemppi - dubiteknomiks 4

last up something from one of our favourite finns (he also has a mix coming up for the series i believe, so keep an eye out for that too). again, the tracklisting speaks for itself. just a very nice selection of dub cuts.

1. Atheus - Unendlich | Styrax Records
2. Pulshar - Nospheratu (Echospace Reduction) | Phonobox Records
3. Intrusion - Tswana Dub | (Brendon Moeller's Beat Pharmacy Dub) | Intrusion
4. Quantec - Greenfield Mill | Meanwhile
5. UB313 - Track 6 (Echospace Dub Mix) | Fortune
6. Claro Intelecto - Hunt You Down | Modern Love
7. Freund Der Familie - Sark | FDF
8. Petar Dundov- Oasis (Substance & Vainqueur Remix) | Music Man
9. MLZ - New Analogue Century | Modern Love
10. Deepchnord - Electromagnetic Dowsing Step 1. (Mike Huckaby Remix) | Synth

alright, that is plenty for the time being. enjoy...

*edit* here is a mirror of mnml ssgs mx10 by ana. apologies it has taken so long to get one up.


  1. hmhm saw shed live at the berghain that night. standing in the queue for over 1 1/2 hours was worth it...
    although to me it seemd like shed wasnt really enjoying it...

  2. Hey!
    Anybody know that track in the Seth Troxler set at 1:14:00?

  3. really enjoying the serafin one at the moment, locks into a nice deep groove after a while.

  4. Loving the Samuli Kemppi at the moment ... really great chilled out dub sounds, perfect for a cool rainy day like today!

  5. hey guys, i had a lot of complaints about slow download speeds on my old server this week. Seth's can be downloaded more quickly here:

  6. in Dub techno we trust!!
    Sammuli Kemppi: only love 4 u*

  7. The Shed live pa was awesome. Thanks, in excess. Thanks. Thanks.

  8. whats the last track in the samuel kemppi mix? its not EMD, nor MLZ...

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. will try and re-up the serafin if i get the chance (still dont have good net at the moment).

  11. Loved the Kemppi mix. I'm waiting to read a This Month in Techno on dub techno, Modern Love, et al.


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