Thursday, September 11, 2008

mnml ssgs mx10: ana

when we decided to put together the ssg mx series, ana was the first person we contacted. it has taken a while, but she has come through with the goods, providing us all with a lovely mix of summer sounds. like all the contributors to this series, what attracted us to ana was her unique sound and skills, which we were introduced to through ezoo radio and the weekly recordings from the harry klein club, where she is a resident dj. i am flying out in less than a day, so unfortunately i don't have the time to keep talking about how much we all like ana. i'll just let the mix do the talking:

mnml ssgs mx10: ana (fairtilizer direct dl)

more info about ana at her myspace and homepage. big thanks to ana for taking the time to put together the mix for us. next week we've got a serious techno workout from silent servant off sandwell district. after that, we've got artists from circus company, raster norton and ostgut that are all doing ssg mixes. plenty more great sounds of the way. in the meantime, enjoy the 10th in the series from ana.


  1. Beauty mix! Thanks Ana, it's loaded with killer tracks.

    Any chance of a tracklist?

  2. Noton. Common mistake, one I've made several times as well.

    Great mix, too!

  3. great mix, ssg mixes are always excellent

  4. This is the first ssg mix i'd describe as 'standard', at least for the first half (although not in a bad way). I'm getting a bit tired of that 'The Rock' track now, but still loving Koze...

    It gets a bit more exciting in the second half - some quirky tracks. I'd like to identify a few of those.

    Thanks ana and ssgs - I'm looking forward to the next there a fengler mix on the horizon?

  5. Does anyone know the name of the first track? It's got a great sound.

  6. anather great mix to add to the already impressive series

    well done!

    can we get a tracklist please?

  7. lovely sounds.

    been hearing the track with the girl vocal around minute 29 in a few interesting things lately, anybody know what it is?

  8. Great great great mix from Ana!

  9. Best mix I have heard this year. Had it on repeat for the last 5 hours. Thanks for the great mix

  10. this is great, thanks. any chance of seeing of a tracklist?

  11. i've asked ana for a tracklist. will post it if i get one.

  12. set is fantstic.. 54 mins in is a killer.. can you ask her to post it up not by track number but my time..

    thx again


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