Friday, October 3, 2008


i want pretty much all of these records. some pretty serious charts:

Cio D´Or Top10 Vinyl Pearls October/November08

1) jacek sienkiewicz - beacon (recognition)
2) pigeon/marcel dettmann - kamm (beatstreet germany)
3) silent servant (function rmx) - the blood of our king (sandwell district)
4) onur özer (jens zimmermann rmx) - kasmir (vakant)
6) donato dozzy & nud - aquaplano (aquaplano)
7) population one - view from above (frantic flowers)
8) pendle coven - iamnoman ep (modern love)
9) speedy j - edlx (redshift)
10) hess und fürstenberg - campfire dialogue (echochord)


1. V.A. - 000 - KANN
2. Jus-Ed vs. Fred P. - UQ017 - Underground Quality
3. John Roberts - Hesitate- Dial
4. Soundstream - Vol.4 - Soundstream
5. Move D & Benjamin Brunn - New Horizon - Smallville
6. Melchior Productions - Who Can Find Me - Cadenza
7. Dj Koze - I Want To Sleep
8. Efdemin - Float - Cocoon
9. Daze Maxim - One Million Shakers - Hello?!Repeat
10. Dntel - Dreams (Lawrence Remixes) - Deal

Ben Klock October Charts

Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald - ReConfigured Vol.3 (Deutsche Grammophon)
Terrence Dixon - Emergency (Meakusma)
Santiago Salazar - Santuario (Historia Y Violencia)
Marcel Dettmann - Plain (Beatstreet)
Roman Lindau - Raumgestaltung (Fachwerk)
Silent Servant - Violencia (Function Mix) (Sandwell District)
Marek Hemmann - Junoka (Freude Am Tanzen)
Edit-Select - Asperity (Mark Broom remix) (Edit Select Records)
Donato Dozzy - Tropical One (Railyard Recordings)
Keith Worthy - Moon Dance (Third Ear)


  1. No audio excerpts ? :-)

    Well investigations start right now !

  2. sorry, too busy to sort that...

  3. Terrence Dixon seems to be on it at the moment. Defo a fav of mine.

  4. ive been looking for that new move d and benjamin brunn but can't find it anywhere. i thought it was supposed to come out awhile ago.

    the pigon/marcel split is one of the best records of the past 6 months.

  5. looks like the new d and brunn is out and available:

  6. minimill, agreed-- the dettmann track is incredible.


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