Thursday, October 9, 2008

carry on efdemin

ever since seeing the news over at RA that efdemin has a mix CD on the way, i've been waiting for it to drop (17th november to be exact). efdemin is a producer and DJ the ssgs have been very keen on for quite some time. we are proud that we were perhaps slightly ahead of the curve being the only people to chart him in the 'best of 2006' awards for RA. pete and myself both regarded the sublime 'bergwein' as the best track of 2006, while cam charted it 2nd only to another dial record, pantha du prince's 'walden'. anyway, his star has most certainly been in the ascent since then, winning the 'best artist' category and being runner up in 'best album' for the 2007 RA awards. while he has been quieter on the production front in 2008, his recent remix of 'fearless fun' on petite is one of the best tracks of the year in my books. but it is not just his productions that we love efdemin for, the guy can also seriously play. he's a very intuitive DJ, who has a really good feel for the music. that can be seen in the impressive tracklisting for his new mix CD. this is all a very big preamble to the good bit: tom from the excellent curle recordings has very kindly provided us with a new 30 minute mix by efdemin (320 kbps no less) to get us all in the mood for the new mix CD coming out on the label. the mix is just as good as you'd hope/expect.

efdemin october radio mix

and here is the tracklisting for efdemin's 'carry on - pretend we are not in the room'.
out 17 november on curle recordings (nb: not the radio mix we're providing above).

1. The Showroom Recording Series - Watcha Waiting For?
2. Patrice Scott - Deep Again
3. Craig Alexander - Soul Revival
4. Tony Foster - It Is All Around Us
5. Scott Grooves - Only 500
6. Brothers' Vibe - Cuero Para Mi Gente (Altered Vibe Mix)
7. Tobias. - Second To None
8. Stephan Grieder & The Persuader - Kaos
9. Minilogue - Doiicie (A)
10. Surgeon - Floorshow (1.2)
11. Efdemin – America
12. Dettmann & Klock - Blank Scenario
13. Pigon - Kamm
14. Photek - T' Raenon (Version)

ok, carry on...


  1. thanks for this i'm a big fan of phillip's work & i'm really looking forward to the new mix it looks great on paper.

  2. big big ups for the mix. eagerly looking forward to the mix cd, as well as the new cut that's on it; any new efdemin production is a cause for celebration.

    i love the man as a dj, but as a producer he has few equals; i really think that his album will be remembered as one of this decade's best. up there with 'anima' and 'kid a' for me.

  3. great tracklist. especially seeing photeks masterpiece as the closing track is really fantastic. trust that man!

  4. this is great - thank you! now i'm waiting to get my mitts on that beautiful CD.

  5. Anybody else have a a difficult time getting this zip file unzipped?
    I cant open it!

  6. Love Philip & everything he puts out!! Looking forward to getting the new cd, only wish I could see him live in LA next month.

  7. this zip file seems to be dead now...anyone care to relink?

  8. this mix is excellent. "doiicie" fast becoming my track of the year.

  9. there's a new link here!

  10. great mix, honestly I didn't expect it to be so great! and what a good move to remind about the fantastic old photek tune... by the way, does anyone have any idea what did efdemin sample on t-raenon, I mean that dialog coming out at the last minute?

  11. there is very little chacne this ever gets answered but I'm DYING to know what the opening track of the 30 minute radio mix is..... anyone know??


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