Thursday, May 1, 2008

set up

sorry for the radio silence peeps, it has been a pretty busy week or so for the mnml ssg crew. there should be a few new posts in the coming days, including the second installment of the mix series being provided by berghain resident norman nodge (yes, we are excited). so stay tuned...

in the meantime, here are a couple of sets i've been enjoying the last few days:

eli verveine - dustbunnies mix.

a new set from this special suisse dj that the ssgs have really fallen for. she manages to play deep house sounds that fit with the current vibe, without slipping into same-ness or bland beats. like all the music ssgs love it has personality. eli really has the groove. worth a listen. we are trying to get eli for a ssg mix. lets hope it happens. this girl is a real hidden gem.

martin schulte @ sinergy networks showcase

i am going to have to plead complete ignorance on this one. sinergy networks appears to be a pretty well established mp3 label, with some really good artists and sounds. this dj mix is from part of a label showcase which includes livepas from LOD, pep gaya and marko fuerstenberg. i haven't listened to these other ones properly so don't want to post them, but can give links if people are interested. anyway, this set of schulte's is excellent. i am not sure quite how to describe it - it has dubby elements, but certainly isn't straight up dub techno. if anything, it could perhaps sound like something you'd be hearing on force inc if they were still around. so have a listen. it is a very well crafted set.

jan krüger berlin + osaka mixes.

here are two recent recordings from the head honcho of the hello?repeat label. i must admit i sometimes find their records a bit too dry and clicky for my tastes, but our silent ssg dave can never get enough of hello?repeat's sounds, and there is little doubting their quality. anyway, no one could accuse jan krüger's djing of being dry. both of these live mixes have a great groove and he does an excellent job of switching between sounds, as well as the old and new. the osaka mix is a bit more jacking, while he goes deeper in berlin. best thing you can do is just download both.

jan krüger @ watergate, berlin 02.04.2008

jan krüger @ sunsui, osaka 29.02.2008

tracklisting for osaka set (care of the peeps at

000:00 Alter Ego - Lycra (Wishmountain's Tight Fitting Lycra Mix)
002:30 Lil' Mark - Feel The Rhythm
008:00 .Xtrak - Flada
011:50 DBX - Flying Saucer
014:00 Daze Maxim - Unreleased
019:40 Vera & Federico Molinari - It Ain't Music
024:20 Alexi Delano - Debajo
029:30 DS - Orangefood (Jens Zimmermann's Vitamin C)
034:10 Ricardo Villalobos - Panpot Spliff
039:20 Daze Maxim - The Trickster
043:30 Brother's Vibe - Spherical Bones (Long Version)
047:30 Ido Oshkopun - Naypyidaw
053:00 Johnny D - Orbitalife
058:30 Derrick L. Carter - Where Ya At?
062:30 Chez Damier & Ron Trent, M.D. - Hip To Be Disillusioned
066:30 .Xtrak - Don't Stop
069:00 Wolf N' Flow - I'm Feelin' Moody
073:40 Steve Poindexter - Work That Mutha Fucka
076:20 Schatrax - A Question Of Timing
081:00 Phil Weeks & Chris Carrier - Method To The Madness
086:00 Freak Seven - Pitch Black (Orlando Voorn Remix)
091:00 Terence FM - Feelin Kinda High (High As Hell Mix)
097:00 G-Man - Quo Vadis
102:00 Plastikman - Snark (Ricardo Villalobos Edit)
105:00 Ido Oshkopun - Out Of Burma
110:00 Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Mederico
114:30 Dj Sneak - Recycled Loops
118:30 Daniel Bell - Warped
120:00 Stax - Str8 Nasty


  1. I'm with Dave, can't get enough h?r. Can't wait to listen to the eli mix.

  2. not sure what it is with hello?repeat. just can't fully vibe with them. but i really think it's me, not them... anyway, those krueger mixes are bang on (as is the eli mix).

  3. The Osaka set is really fantastic. Comes in bone dry and gradually begins to jack and heave - well-paced, nicely mixed - hooray for Jan K, hooray for microboompty!

  4. any word of a watergate trcklisting ?

  5. sorry, haven't seen a tracklist for the watergate set...

  6. how about the first track..

    dig !


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