Monday, May 12, 2008

the jacking zone

ok, this will be my last post for a few weeks. i suddenly have to run off to the UK, which means no ssg fun time for chris. don't worry, the great thing about this blog is we have a whole team of ssgs!

anyway, the title of this post seemed to suggest itself. it is one of the tracks on the new marcel dettmann mix. another record on berghain 02 is from samuli kemppi, entitled 'vangel' . right now, i think it could be the highlight of a really excellent mix. dettmann got me inspired to check out more of samuli's sounds and i found a recent livepa he did. i've been liking it a lot - definitely with the same berghain signature of dettmann/klock/nodge/shed/etc. he has also up'd two live dj sets, both definitely jacking and worth listening to if you are in the mood. you can find them here and here. the livepa especially suggests samuli is a guy worth keeping an eye on...

the dettmann mix also inspired me to go check out tadeo. for some reason, i hadn't before - i think because i mentally associate him with alex under, an artist who i struggle with (i am not sure why). so i grabbed a recent set of tadeo's and it is really, really rocking. sometimes the mixing is a bit rough and ready, but nothing wrong with that. jacking stuff and definitely worth a rub. i'm going to start listening to some more of tadeo.

tadeo @ club ego closing 11.04.08 (new link)


i had to add this new set i found today and just listened to. it is much less techy than the other sets posted, but man, it is certainly jacking. i can't remember the last time i heard such an excellent fun, party set. these guys are seriously rocking. check it!

melon, sebo k, 2000 and One tag team @ club 11, amsterdam 29-04-2008

*end edit*

someone whose mixing is never rough or ready is man machine ryan elliot. it is kind of scary how tight his sets always are. given the recent discussions about how technology may be limiting creativity and dumbing down the art of djing, elliot is a great example of where it all works and his djing is opened up to new possibilities, rather than being limited. have a listen to this set and you'll hear what i mean ).

ryan elliot presents the r-factor, may 2008 [alternate link here]

Manmadescience - Connect the Motorcities
The Model - Terminus Interlude
XDB - Espac
Jenifa Mayanja - Boundless (Jus Ed rmix)
Convextion - Ondes
Rhadoo - Aundi (Unanim rmix)
Jackmate - Male Kicks
STL - Moonwalk
Daso & Pawas - Det (Shatrax Beats)
Buks - Still Working
Mara Trax - Funk Me
Mountian People - Mountain 5.2
Prosumer & Murat Tepeli - Turn Around (Cassy Smooth rmix)
Efdemin - Lohn & Brot (Tobias rmix)
DS - Orangefood (Jens Zimmerman rmix)
Langenberg - Estate
Kabale und Lauhaus - Makake
Move D - Quit Quittin
DJ Qu - Buzz
Trusme - War
Mixworks - Berlin Dub
Studio 1 - Silver
Monobox - Realm
Prompt - Elephant
Edit Select - Reduktion
Baby Ford - Serpentine Tail
Empty Set - Seclusion
Jackmate - Buccaneer
Kassem Mosse - Workshop 3 (A1)
Shed - Well Done (033472 Edit)
Shed - Well Done (030 Edit)
Equalized - Equalized 1 (A)
Matthew Styles - We Said Nothing
Dj Dozia - Pop Culture
Planetary Assault Systems - Kat
Dettmann and Klock - Places Like This
Audion - Against All Odds
Equalized - Equalized 1 (B)
Madteo - Alan Greenspin
Shitcluster - Doop 4

enjoy the sounds...


  1. nice post.. that berghain ep is def. one of the highlights of the year for me so far.

    i really want to check out ryan elliott. have one of his sets b2b with matthew dear and it's very very nice. could you reupload to any other filesharing site (megaupload is a pain in the ass if you're in colombia)?

  2. the new remixes of Tadeo (Substance/Cassy) are huge. good shout.
    d/ling the kemppi live pa now.

  3. That Ryan Elliot set is awesome. I really dig his DJ'ing. I think his productions are a bit "machine" like but this set is warm and rich.

    Agree that the Cassy remix of tadeo is a massive track. Probably track of the year for me so far.

  4. ok, i added a new link for the tadeo set because there were some problems. i also edited the original post and included another rocking set. that's it for me. see you in a few weeks!

  5. thanks for the link :)

  6. the "threesome" should be uploaded somewhere else aswell :?

    i could upload dear&elliott if you want to aswell..

  7. Sombrerero:

    Please feel free to upload/include any set links in these comment spaces - that goes for anyone, provided they're not trackrips.

  8. Agree about the Ryan Elliot set with respect to warmth. Has a nice warm bass sound on my phones - Good PA EQing perhaps? Shame it screws with the sh*tty speakers we have here at work! Well worth the download, go check it out.

  9. Actually, I've just had my second rinse of the R Elliott mix, and to be honest, I really don't like it.

    It plays like a megamix - there are too many tracks, and he does a few things that really piss me off:

    1) there's no build to the big records, so the whole thing just meanders through the bewilderness of its own indifference.

    2) it mixes unsympathetic records, which 'on paper' are all harmonic, in phase and in time. I think that's one of the problems with R Elliott's scientific approach to mixing, as well as the capabilities of the new technologies - it allows you to do things that you wouldn't if you were just using records.

    I don't know about you, but quite often you find records that are more or less in key and 'compatible', but it's about mating - they just don't wanna 'do the do'. I feel that, on several occasions in this mix, there are ill-advised choices.

    3) he doesn't let the good records play. Sometimes this works for RE, likewise with Jeff Mills, who is always 'attacking the mix', but here it's just annoying.


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