Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nativespeaker: dysappearance

Well, here’s the next installment of the Nativespeaker mixes. Where 36 degrees was mixed on a sweltering afternoon with the imagination of heat haze blurring the corrugated iron roofs of the neighbourhood houses, dysappearence was made in the dead of winter. I was alone in the house, re-discovering Ricardo Villalobos’ fantastic Auch remix – easily one of his best. The mix is difficult to play to dancers if you let it unfurl, as it dissipates into a maelstrom of rainstorm and a forlorn, climbing melody. RV has an ear for a beautiful sample as good as Pete Rock or DJ Premier – who else could make a track as nominally simplistic as ‘Enfants’ work so well – but his ability to really hone in and mine the melancholy out of melodies is another of his ample talents, and it’s in full effect here. I build the whole mix around this track, my love for it.
There were also dynamic considerations at work – I get really sick of the typical narrative arc of a lot of published mixes. I had in mind something of the novel story told by DJ Koze’s ‘All People Is My Friends’ mix, which, if you diagrammed it, looks like the picture of the python who’s swallowed the elephant in Le Petit Prince. Koze makes a dysppearance here, along with Troy boy, Wolfgang Voigt, Efdemin, Richie Hawtin (most definitely pre ‘cube’), Claro, Moodymann, Pansonic, Nike.Bordom and a Ø remix of Björk, which comes in a wonderful sleeve by talented misogynist photographer Araki. I can’t help but wondering if he tied Björk up, and if so (guiltily), where are the photos? Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Listen to it somewhere dark.

Louderbach – For Lack of a Better Solution
DJ Koze – Madame Zifandl
sleeparchive – Image Photometer
Studio 1 – Gold
Auch – Tomorrow Goodbye (Villalobos mix)
NSI – Clara Ghavami (extended)
Efdemin – Postscript Blues
Moodymann – Dem Young Sconies
Plastikman – Hypokondriak
Pansonic – Pyokki Halko
Claro Intelecto – New Dawn
Nike.Bordom – Unfinished Symphony
Björk – Headphones (Ø mix)

And you can download the mix here

N.B. - this mp3 is gutless, you have to turn it up.


  1. loved this one. could get more in-depth on exactly why i loved it after a few more listens, but it hit the spot last night.

  2. Pete, this has actually always been my favourite of your mixes. The final few tracks, in particular, are sublime.

  3. Ah, thank you both James and Cameron. Actually Cam, if you hadn't kept your copy, it would have been a real dysappearance, so props to you.


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