Tuesday, May 27, 2008

go the hose!

one thing i really love about the net is that it gives you the opportunity to discover people and sounds you might never otherwise hear. a good example of this is someone who has clearly been around for a very long time, but i've only come across lately: peter van hoesen. he has recently done two mixes, both of which i've been really enjoying. (i have also decided to give him the nickname 'the hose').

the first is his may 2008 mix, which he describes as: "bass-heavy techno, old and new". a nicely weighted and well put together mix that lets the tracks breathe. here is the impressive tracklisting:

Signal: Robotron (Raster Noton)
Kassem Mosse: Shaqued (MikroDisko)
Peter Van Hoesen: Standalone Policy Reduction (Unreleased)
Signal: Wismut (Raster Noton)
Claro Intelecto: Rise (Modern Love)
Hieroglyphic Being: Je Suis Musique (Spectral Sound)
Deetron: Life Soundtrack ft. DJ Bone - Radioslave remix (Music Man)
CH-Signal Laboratories (8003 Lucerne): Hypnotica Scale 1 (Sandwell District)
Peter Van Hoesen: Trusted - Norman Nodge Reconstruction (Time To Express)
Norman Nodge: Native Rhythm Electric (Ostgut Ton)
Isomer Transition: Heavy Water (Future Days)
Equalized: Equalized (Equalized)
Kalon: Haiku (Sandwell District)
KU BO: Um Korpo feat. Joyce Muniz (Man Recordings)
Fingers Inc: I'm Strong (Alleviated/R&S)
Funktion: Reykjavik (Sandwell District)
Mathew Jonson: The Big Dipper (Wagon Repair)
Kalon: Man Is The Superior Animal (Sandwell District)
Suburban Knight: The Warning (Underground Resistance)

the second mix from the hose is a special one he put together for the very excellent modyfier blog. in comparision to the first mix, this one is all old classics and rarities. you'll have to head over to modyfier for the story on the mix and the annotated tracklisting, but this is part of the description he gives: "the final selection is a combination of electronic new wave, early new beat, house and detroit techno." all i'll add is that hearing 'dead eyes opened' pitched down is simply sublime. you can find the download link and the full post about the mix here.


  1. I already had the pleasure to listen to the modifyer's mix and I thought it was beautiful. Now, thanks for another one!

  2. i am listening to the modifyer mix again now. it is simply brilliant. you can really hear the care with which record has been selected. and what i appreciate about both these mixes is that he lets the tracks speak for themselves.

  3. PvS also has a new releases out on 2/6/08 on LAN muzic. You can check it here:


    P Sherburne has also done a (really good mix)... second set of props to PS in the past fortnight on SSGs.

    Interesting fusions of horizon.

  4. f***, that last track on modyfier's makes me cry

  5. thanks PC! you beat me to the punch. :)
    peter is definitely one to watch, as they say -- a really unique voice, both as a DJ and especially as a producer. can't wait to see where he goes with his Time To Express label.

  6. this modyfier mix is an eye(ear?)-opener. what're the links between early 80s italo and new beat? are there any? i hear a lot of italo's high-end, but it's all much much dirtier...

  7. the may mix is a winner too - good to finally hear some sandwell district tracks.
    the nodge track gets better every time.

  8. so i finally came back to this blog after seeing it on inthemix ages ago and yeh it is coming along quite nicely, perhaps i will have to make much more regular visits.

    Great stuff guys :D


  9. OH MY GOD!!




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