Sunday, May 25, 2008

mnml ssgs mx02: norman nodge (berghain/ostgut/mdr)

as regular readers of this blog may have worked out by now, we are really excited about the sounds closely associated with the club berghain and a number of labels like ostgut, MDR and klockworks. one release on this tip that we all especially liked was MDR03 by norman nodge. knowing very little of nodge besides this excellent ep, and the important fact he is a resident at the mighty bergahin, we contacted him to see if he was interested in contributing to our little ssgmx series. luckily for everyone he said 'yes'. we worked on the assumption that nodge must be a good dj if he is playing regularly at berghain, and well, it appears we were definitely correct on this score. the mix norman has put together is an absolute beauty. have a look at the tracklisting and you'll get a bit of an idea of what to expect. this assured mix, as well as a quality new production on ostgut (read pete's RA review here) and remix on time to express, suggest that nodge is most definitely one to keep an eye out for.

proving what a nice guy he is, in addition to the mix, norman was kind enough to answer a couple of rather banal questions i posed:
ssg: tell us about this mix.
nodge: it was made with two turntables, urei-mixer and headphones. the mix is just some not-so-often-heard classics and a few new tracks.

ssg: tell us a bit about your residency at berghain. what is so special about the place? how has it influenced your music?
nodge: i play there approximately once a month. for me it’s the right combination of architecture, sound-system, professional organization and – not to forget – party-people, that makes this place unique for the crowd and the artists. i don’t know if playing there has changed my way of djing. who can say if or what i would play if i had not been there? ;-) i also don’t know if it has influenced me in producing music as much as you can read in some record-reviews.

ssg: vinyl or digital?
nodge: i prefer djing with vinyl (only some tracks from cd). i need something to put my hands on.

ssg: name a few major influences on you and your music?
nodge: it’s a bit to complex to give a satisfying answer. for instance, i would forget too many if i name some examples of music that has hit me hard.

ssg: what are you working on at the moment?
nodge: at the moment i’m very busy in my main job and with my family. but there will come the day when i return to my equipment ;-)

ssg: what is the future for norman nodge?
nodge: can i please borrow your crystal ball? ;-)

ok, enough talk - on with the mix!

mnml ssgs mx02: norman nodge

01) Ron Trent / Dark Room / Balance
02) DJ Joey Anderson /Thee Analysis/Strength Music
03) Peter Van Hoesen /Trusted (Norman Nodge Reconstruction) / T2X
04) Add Noise/ Handwerk 3 A/ Handwerk
05) Baby Ford & I-Fach Collective/Tea Party/Klang
06) Shamus Coghlan/5000 Miles/ 807 Rec.
07) Sian/Wear Your Scars Like Medals / Aus Rec.
08) Robert Görl & Karl O'Connor/The Right Side Of Reason/DN
09) Reeko/The Gravedigger And His Bitch /Mental Disorder
10) Equalized/ Equalized # 1/ Equalized
11) Corrugated Tunnel / My Machine Code/Nightvision
12) Pacou/ Tangent / Cache
13) Marcel Fengler / Friction / Ostgut
14) Jeff Mills / In The Bush / Axis
15) The Mole / Baby You're The One / Wagon Repair
16) Superlova / All Night / Raw Elements
17) Punisher & John Overfriend /Thermal Underwear (John Selway Remix) / Hej Rec.
18) Leonid / Mora / Statik

ok, that's it. enjoy. big thanks to norman for putting this fantastic mix together.


  1. Excellent stuff, good to finally hear him mixing!

  2. yes please.
    thank you!

  3. excellent thanks :)

  4. can't wait to hear this!

    nice job fellas

  5. Oh man. When I first saw NN would helm #2 I yelled out loud... in the middle of my Munich hotel lobby. Now that I'm back in the states I can finally partake. Cheers, ssg dudes and Norman!

  6. great mix! finally got around to downloading.

  7. I'm 19 minutes in and it sounds quality so far. Kind of reminds me of the Johnny D live PA mix off getthecurse. Villalobos will kill minimal techno anyway by boycotting the US.
    whatever, I agree with the poster of this mix/blog I am putting nn on the watch list... Good one.

  8. great mix! the track he 's mixing on the 27' is epic!

  9. great mix! the track he 's mixing on the 27' is epic!

    Loud Proud & Underground!

  10. real techno
    thank you

  11. Great Mix!
    Thanks for supporting the music.

    (807) Recordings


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