Sunday, May 11, 2008

A+ for D

supposedly move d is someone who has been seriously under-rated for a long time. i don't know, as i only discovered him a year or two ago, care of fellow ssg pete. regardless, move d is definitely getting some love at the moment. and rightly so. his release on the up and coming uzuri label, quit quittin', is a fantastic ep, with the title track being the standout. this has been followed up by a collaboration with benjamin brunn on smallville (are these guys ever going to put out something that is less than brilliant?). since picking up honey a few days ago, i've had it on very high rotation. definitely one of the best things i've heard of late. strongly suggest giving it a listen. the good news is that move d has a new website up and running, where he is being very, very generous and has a large collection of recorded dj set and livepas. you can find it here. i am slowly making my way through and grabbing the ones i haven't already. for starters, i can strongly suggest the livepa at robert johnson, an excellent introduction to his sounds, and the tonspuren live recording, which is more on the ambient/chilled tip and really, really beautiful.

another set more on the house-y tip that some may be interested in, is this new set from tama sumo. for those of you who don't know tama, she's closely associated with the panorama/ostgut gang and her first release is coming out soon on ostgut. i need to listen to this a bit more, but the mix sounds pretty good. it covers a nice cross-section of sounds: centred around deep house, but she ventures into techno, italo and similiar realms. nothing too mindblowing, but an enjoyable set with some great selections throughout.

tama sumo @ pacotek 21.2.08 part 1 and part 2

i've got some other sets i really want to share, but they are more on the tech side of things. i'll try and post up some more goodies in the next day or so. enjoy these deep house sounds for now.


  1. this Move D @ Robert Johnson set is quality, great find!

    probably my favourite producer at the moment along with Lerosa

  2. Agreed on the Lerosa tip - his/her productions are always really diverse. Each one of the EPs covers so much ground, and each production is 'just so'.

  3. check out the his new 12" on modern love, its unreal...


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