Friday, September 2, 2011

Ssg special - Peter Van Hoesen

It is a genuine pleasure to have a new mix from a very good friend of the ssgs, Peter Van Hoesen. We've talked plenty about Peter on the blog, and we are biased as hell because we happen to like the guy a lot, so I'll just get straight to the mix. PVH and T2X may have become stamps for a distinctive brand of quality techno, but this has also meant that sometimes the breath of his musical palette has been obscured. While people have learned about his love for new beat, there has been less attention given to his interest in ambient, experimental and related sounds (beyond the obligatory nod to his previous production aliases). So we asked Peter if he'd like to contribute a mix in this vein, and here you have the results. Ambient wouldn't be quite correct, a more accurate - but also more awkward -  description might be non-dancefloor electronic music with a synth bent. Anyway, listen, relax, find out.

Ssg special - Peter Van Hoesen

As usual, tracklist up next week. Peter has a very busy schedule in September, with some killer gigs coming up:
9 September 2011- The Star Festival, Namura Zousenzyo Atochi, Osaka
10 September 2011 - Smoke Machine, Taipei
17-19 September 2011 - The Labyrinth, Naeba
24 September 2011 - TodaysArt, Den Haag
30 September 30 - Time To Express label night with PVH, Donato Dozzy, Pendle Coven & Samuli Kemppi - Panorama Bar, Berlin

After destroying Tokyo back in May, we are incredibly excited for his set at Labyrinth, and we are also very proud and happy that he is playing in the MNML SSGS room at TodaysArt. For other events and info on Peter and T2X, make sure to check the T2X homepage. And, of course, keep an eye out for remaining copies of "The Labyrinth" EP (T2X17), which are disappearing quickly.

Big thanks to Peter for the mix and we look forward to seeing him very soon in J-land. Enjoy...


  1. cant wait to listen, pvh is morphing alot of things into his sets, you can see him constantly changing and evolving..
    have fun in jland :)

  2. so excited for this. peter's opening ambient/synth set at the bunker/wierd records party in nyc a few months back was *such* a highlight.

  3. 20 min in, really… enjoying it. PvH is such a fav, but… i don't know about ambient. I'm not that used to it, but this works real good when sitting by your computer and just chatting away on FaceBook. Guess this is quality ambient, considering it's PvH behind it… it opened my ears to ambient a bit more. Thanks!

    Glad i saw(danced to) you (PvH) in Stockholm at a Fukt party in like early 2010, late 2009, hope to see you here again soon-ish.

    All the best

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  5. we will post the tracklists for the keith worthy and john osborn mixes when we get them. people, please give us a break. we are not holding out on you.

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  7. man this is epic in some parts! so many emotions.. keeps dragging me away from my study to another galaxy..

  8. nice guitar sounds at 22 min. :)

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  10. What a beautiful journey. I tried to listen to it once before but it wasn't quite the right setting, but I've just listened again late at night while doing some work and it was perfect. Flowed so perfectly from start to the glorious finish. Once again PvH demonstrating why he is a true master of his craft and ssgs delivering only the best :) Thanks guys!


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