Friday, September 9, 2011

Peter Van Hoesen tracklist

We are still waiting on tracklists for the John Osborn and Keith Worthy mixes, and as soon as we get them, they will be posted. But we do have Peter's, so here it is:

Ssg special - Peter Van Hoesen

Lustmord: Fragmented - from Alan Lamb: Night Passage Demixed, Dorobo (1996)
Roll The Dice: Dark Thirty - from In Dust, Leaf (2011)
The Missing Ensemble: Zero-sum - from Zeropolis, Low Impedance Recordings (2007)
Sand Circles: Sun Circles - from Midnight Crimes, Not Not Fun Records (2011)
Ash Ra Tempel/Manuel Göttsching: Echo Waves - from Invention For Electric Guitar, Kosmische Musik (1975)
Rod Modell: Into Day - from Incense & Black Light, Plop (2007)
Rene Hell: Detuned Clarinet - from The Terminal Symphony, Type (2011)
Popol Vuh: Aguirre / Lacrima di Rei - from Revisited & Remixed 1970-1999, SPV Recordings (2011)
White Hills: Nothing Less / Don't Touch Me I'm Bleeding - from Stolen Stars Left For No One, Thrill Jockey (2010)
Outer Space: Deathless - from Outer Space, Arbor (2011)
Glen Branca: Augustus - from The Belly Of An Architect, Les Disques Du Crépuscule (1987)
Mountains: Live At The Triple Door - from Air Museum, Thrill Jockey (2011)
Bee Mask: Stop The Night -  from Elegy For Beach Friday, Spectrum Spools (2011)

Thanks again to Peter for the lovely trip. He's got a busy September, with the big 3 shows being Labyrinth in Japan, TodaysArt in The Hague, and a T2X night at Panorama Bar.

Very excited to see him back in Naeba next week. We are expecting something very special from PVH...


  1. Rod Modell's vibz ... thanks a lot Chris, here is blend of mystics stuffs

  2. Last track is amazing, I will be checking out Bee Mask


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