Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ssg special - Antonio Giova (natural/electronic.system.)

While operating broadly within the world of deep, hypnotic techno, natural/electronic.system. present their own distinctive take on the sound.  Antonio and Valerio have a special ability for building: allowing the music to breathe and slowly develop. There is a real beauty in the pace and manner in which natural/electronic.system. construct their DJ sets. This is what distinguishes their approach. You will have heard this in the other mixes they’ve done for us (mx23 and mx49), and this time you will hear it in a slightly different context, with the two each doing a separate mix. This week we have one from Antonio, and next week it will be Valerio’s turn.

Antonio wrote these words about his contribution: 

This mix does not follow the classical natural/electronic.system. line. I like to think of it as a stream of consciousness, because that's essentially what it is; it reflects the sense in which it was built. The sequence was developed on different days, each track reflecting my mood at that moment on that day, so there is no one real common thread in the mix. After I listened back to it, I felt that somehow the mix reflects me over the past six months, a continuous succession of positive and negative emotions

Good listening,  Antonio 

Actually I don't completely agree with Antonio’s description. For me, it feels very cohesive, especially in its spirit. You can listen to the mix and make your own mind up. I have a feeling you are going to enjoy it. This beauty has been keeping me company over my travels the last few weeks, and I expect it to stay on my mp3 player for a long time to come. This one is definitely a keeper…

Thanks to Antonio for the mix. We now have a tracklist for it, which will be posted after the accompanying mix next week from the other half of natural/electronic.system., Valerio. 


  1. this is absolutely amazing! love the nat el sys :)

  2. I have been looking forward to this since you teased it on twitter a couple of weeks back. The n/e.s ssg mixes are amazing and this one is another gem. Thanks boys.

    Not sure how likely a tracklist is but ill start it off with 2.

    Jouem - Drifting
    Mohlao - Luminescent

  3. good news, we now have a tracklist, which will put up in a week or two. so since you will be getting a tracklist, we'd ask that you refrain from trying to compile one here.

    and nice spots tom - i didn't know either of those tracks!

  4. Two tracks in, and I'm already in love with this mix. wow.

  5. Beautiful mix, one of the best we've had all year, for real... as is the one to come. Thank you NES boys...

  6. I would actually agree with Antonio, when he says there is no common thread. Although it is beautifully crafted, and mixed impeccably, these tracks drift in and out of eachother like untethered thoughts and memories rising to the surface, before being allowed to sink again. This is highlighted fantastically when he jars you with that unhinged Madteo track.

    @PC - come on, you've gotta love that Andy Stott track?

    Stunning mix.

  7. @ PC: I confess I do, yes.. but this whole mix is just magnificent. It's got a kind of gravitas to it, like Immer had when I first heard it. Really settles in to you...

  8. Gorgeous mix. Mesmerizing, haunting and deep as the deepest ocean. But to be honest I expected nothing else from one of the n./e.s-boys. Their double ssgs mixes have been way too good.

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  10. stunning, gentle brilliance. thanks!

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  12. last track from nuel aquaplano ltd 001 not sure yet but i think it's b side
    with some antonio edit
    nice mix love n/e.s

  13. i didnt expect very much than a nice cup of relaxing tea.
    but. thats tea with something in. it free my consciousnes:)
    thanks! i will listen to this beauty a lot of time

  14. 20 minutes in and this is some of the most delicate, beautiful "techno" I've heard for a long time so far. Awesome work again, ssgs.

  15. great mix! will be on repeat.., like the first two mixes!




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