Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My tones

For a while I've been wanting to put together a mixtape that was composed of new and recent music that I have been listening to and enjoying in 2011. And finally I have. In some ways this has parallels with the autumn 2010 mix I did, but the sounds and approach most definitely differ. While this is only a partial representation, it definitely shows a couple of significant sets of sounds and labels I have been exploring this year. There are quite a few tracks in there from Not Not Fun, the killer new Oni Ayhun remix, a track from one of my favourite labels of 2011, M=minimal, a whole bunch of different takes on synth music, plus some other random stuff. 

The title of the mix - "Dash forward, bravely!" - is a phrase that has stuck with me since first reading it in a very old Japanese book almost 10 years ago. I am very happy to have this mix over on Pontone, which has one of the most interesting and worthwhile mix series online, as far as the ssgs are concerned. It is a real pleasure to contribute to what they are doing. Much thanks to Pontone for having me.

Chris (MNML SSGS) presents “Dash forward, bravely!”

I hope you enjoy the mix. It is definitely much lighter than what you might normally expect from me.


  1. just finished listening, this was a grea trip. love your selection and that maria minerva track really is playing with some deep feelings, great stuff!

  2. wow chris - this is really stretching my conservatism too. thanks so much for the education - needs a re-listen before i can fully absorb and process. A LOT of new sounds.

  3. Thx for a wonderful mix! Will you post the tracklist?

  4. @ blask: the full tracklist is available on pontone. just click on the link. thanks for listening!


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