Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Labyrinth info

Labyrinth is now getting very close... The full lineup is announced, so the one remaining surprise is to see how the timetable has been crafted this year!

This year there will be a record number of overseas guests at Labyrinth. Given the amount of people that have been staying away from Japan following the March disaster, it is fantastic to see so many people choosing to make the trip. This is exactly the kind of support Japan needs. Thank you! And all I can say is that based on past experiences at Labyrinth, you will not be disappointed!

For those who were still thinking about coming, bad luck, tickets are now sold out. So please do not email us or Mindgames about this: there are no more tickets.

For those making the trip and wondering how they'll get from Tokyo to the venue, the easiest way is by bullet train. Mindgames has information about how to get there. Finding your way there is pretty straight forward. The Japanese train system is very logical, there are English signs almost all the time, so you should be fine. And if you find yourself in a country town in Japan and see a bunch of people wearing Sandwell District t-shirts, I'd say there is a good chance you are heading in the right direction...

If you are doing a bit of travelling around Japan before or after Labyrinth, you might want to consider buying a Japan Rail Pass. These can be excellent value if you are coming for a week or two. And if you need to pick up any supplies for Labyrinth once you get here, Don Quijote is a great place to go. They've got lots of stores (including an easy to find one in Shibuya) and they have everything and anything.

For record shops, the main places to check in Shibuya are: Disk Union, Technique and Lighthouse. They are all near to each other and pretty easy to find.

Beyond that, I'd recommend the Lonely Planet Guide to Japan. That served me very well when I first came here.

We'll post some more practical advice closer to the festival. In the meantime, prepare yourselves!


  1. everybody have fun!
    im so envious! but i dont think ill be ever able to come :/
    the lineup is kinda different than last year? more expiremental this year, which should be awesome in the mountains :)
    and that japan rail pass is that expensive? 7 days ticket is more than our monthly minimal wage :D

  2. Fred P and Appleblim are interesting inclusions.

  3. can i ask why dj nobu doesnt play labyrinth?
    from what i have read and seen in youtube he is definately the best in japan, but he never plays labryinth?

  4. maybe next year. wow.

    labyrinth is super high on my list of places to be in the next few years. maybe someday i'll get to play there. what a dream!


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