Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday sounds

I found today's gem care of the excellent "Ambient mixes" thread over at RA, started and maintained by Micko. Many of the mixes there I bypass either because the bit rate is shit, or it falls into a category PC and I refer to as "sad sack ambient". Anyway, this mix is much more on the soft, soothing ambient tip. Reminds me a bit of Dozzy's gentle approach, but less of the '90s ambient vibe and (unsurprisingly) more of the Kompakt pop ambient. The picture accompanying the mix is actually a pretty good visual representation of how it sounds and feels. There is a tracklist for it, which you can find here, but I'd strongly suggest listening to it blind. All the tracks melt and flow into one another, it is best to just enjoy it as a whole.

Markus Guentner – Passage 12

Thanks to Markus, the FUSELab podcast, and Micko for this beauty. Have a good Sunday ssgs.


  1. Yes, please do elaborate. I'm guessing something like William Basinski....?

  2. we basically use that term to describe ambient that might be very good, but makes you sad and fucking depressed. bvdub is a good example. i love the guy, but there is some of his music i just can't listen to. some of basinksi's stuff could fall into this category, but most of it is ok (for me at least!).

  3. you know the b12 ambient mix?



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