Friday, August 5, 2011

Bits to pieces

We've been a bit quiet here recently, mainly because PC and I have been busy, and well, I don't think we've had that much to say. Anyway, just a bunch of various bits of info to keep you updated on things ssg-related and ssg-friendly:
  • Thanks to everyone who came to our chill out party last Sunday, and to our guest, Dave the silent ssg, who put together a very interesting set. So it was another successful night. Really glad with how these are building up. The next party is scheduled for Sunday 23 October. Please put it in your diaries!
  • DJ Sprinkles, otherwise known as Terre Thaemlitz, is playing at an afternoon beach party this Sunday 7 August at Enoshima (near to Tokyo). I'll be heading down for some fun in the sun. Details here.
  • There have been some extra additions to the TodaysArt festival in The Hague in September. Robert Henke is presenting his Monolake Live Surround project, which from all reports is excellent, and Murcof is also playing. The TodaysArt website has been updated, with full programme info, so check it for more details.
  • The lineup for The Labyrinth has almost been fully announced. We'll post more practical information soon for people going to the party, and if you are from overseas and want to get tickets, please get in touch with us. Also for people who don't want to take the train, there are bus tours going from Tokyo and Osaka/Kyoto. First come, first served. Details here.
  • We'll have more information about it soon, but full samples for "The Labyrinth" EP are now up on soundcloud. Four very strong tracks from Peter van Hoesen, Donato Dozzy, Mike Parker, and Convextion. The double EP is due out 22 August. Listen here.
  • We've purposefully been pulling things back with the mixes, but we've got a new ssg special lined up for next week, taken straight from the dancefloor of Panorama bar...
Ok, I think that is everything. More soon!


  1. regarding the labyrinth ep...which i'm exceptionally excited for...

    where will it be sold? t2x bandcamp?

  2. it is distributed by clone, so i presume it'll be in the same places that usually stock T2X. as far as i know, it won't be sold directly through bandcamp.


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