Monday, August 8, 2011

August charts

Time for another chart. Plenty of good stuff about...

1. Various Artists - "The Labyrinth" [Time to Express]: I'll write a post explaining more about this EP closer to the release date of 22 August. I am biased, as I have been heavily involved in its creation, but I do believe this is a very strong techno EP - PvH, Dozzy, Parker and Convextion all delivered excellent tracks. Anyway, I'll let you guys judge whether or not you agree with me!

2. Nuel - "Trance Mutation" [Further Records]: Nuel's debut album is due in September on Further and it's special. Right now I have this in my top 3 LPs for 2011, along with Tim Hecker and Kangding Ray. This sounds nothing like Nuel has released before, and if you are hoping for the Aquaplano brand of ambient techno, time to readjust your expectations. Check the Further bandcamp for samples. It a personal, intimate album, one straight from his heart. Beautiful.

3. The Haxan Cloak - "Observatory" [Aurora Borealis]: This is a name you'll likely be hearing more of in the near future (check here for a recent FACT interview). Haxan Cloak's debut album is a strong one, and well worth a listen. But for me it is this EP that really stands out, which is more beat-orientated. For people who have been liking the Blackest Ever Black tip, I strongly suggest hunting this one down.

4. Roll The Dice - "In Dust" [The Leaf Label]: The new Roll The Dice album may not depart greatly from their established sound, but they considerably refine and develop it further here in a way that demands attention. I have been listening to RTD on a daily basis of late, one of the more interesting acts around at the moment. Recommended.

5. Imaginary Softwoods – "The Path Of Spectrolite" [Amethyst Sunset]: My wife has been going on a John Elliott-related binge, and this has definitely been rubbing off on me... While the new Mist record has some very high points, overall this probably has been my favourite recent release from the John Elliott / Spectrum Spools camp.

6. Cloaks - "R.F.I.D. (Ancient Methods Remix)" [3BY3]: This remix represents somewhat of a progression in Ancient Methods sound - while it still has that distinctly apocalyptic vibe to it, there is more variation going on. And notable is the end of the remix, which has a kind of flourish reminiscent of the way Regis often ends his tracks. These guys never cease to impress me.

7. Svreca - "Seda Muerta (Female Remix)" [Semantica]: Female is definitely the forgotten member of the Sandwell collective, but this remix shows that it is certainly not because of lack of talent. Proper techno.

8. Marcel Fengler - "Berghain 05" [Ostgut]: Probably best mix CD Ostgut has released since "Berghain 02". A diverse and interesting mix, with a track selection that it makes it clear you should not confuse Fengler with Dettmann or Klock. As with the other Ostgut mixes, plenty of original material included, with the PvH and Fengler tracks being my standouts. Excellent work by Marcel Fengler.

9. Percy X - "X-Trak 1 (Regis Remodel)" [Soma Quality Recordings]: One of the highlights of Soma's 20th birthday celebrations in 2011. I used to really love the Percy X stuff on Soma, so it is nice to seeing it being revisited. Regis has managed to keep the original vibe while updating it and giving it the distinctive Regis and SD feel. And in my books, that qualifies as a successful remix.

10. Jürgen Müller - "Science of the Sea" [Digitalis Recordings]: There have been plenty of recent re-releases of long-forgotten "gems" and hidden "masterpieces". Well, most of the time they have disappeared because they just aren't that good... I have been burnt by quite a few of these, but "Science of the Sea" does actually live up to the hyped press blurb. Lovely aquatic synth explorations. This one is good to put on after a tiring day. I read on twitter there is a re-press coming, so if you want the vinyl, just hang on. I've only got the digital version, because after previous mistakes, I have been leaning towards getting only digital copies of re-releases...

That's it. Feel free to add your picks in the comments.


  1. I have to agree on most of the releases and still have to check some...
    just a few things, the labyrinth ep bugs the hell out of me that its only 4 track, i know, i know the tracks are long and the 45rpm is better quality, but i just feel that it might be too expensive for 4 tracks :(..
    the nuel album, had very high expectations for me.. but, when i went on to the badcamp and checked, actually i was dissapointed not because it sounds shit, but because i dont feel anything :/ im gonna give it more listening but, i think ill skip on this :/
    roll the dice is something new i found not long ago.. i still like the ep most (Undertow (live)) but the lbums are great too!

    also a great album is the motion sickness of time travel - luminaries and sysnasty, if you hadnt check it out:) and i dont know if you still listen to the dub techno sound of deepchord, but the new album is really good and i mean it..
    i can go and go on your choices and my choices, but meh nobody interested and im still very sleepy :)

  2. only just getting around to listening to the labyrinth samples.
    didn't realise that this was convextion's tune...that is the far.

    looking forward to getting nuel's in the mail too.

  3. The Labyrinth EP is fucking cheap for how good it is.

  4. actually i would also add the new mills 2087, greta as an album, can really feel the rush to the stars :DD
    new legowelt is also very nice..

    also only now i found dozzy - moonlight which is also very nice, bubbling 303 bassline(the whole release is nice).. the new voices from the lake EP is nice too..

    on the percy x remix, i love the original been playing it alot, regis did remake for year 2011 thats for sure, will it stand the test of time the original did, who knows..
    still yet to hear the fengler mix, muller and imaginary softwoods :)

  5. first of all, thank you for the recommendations, ill definitely check out a few of them.

    i was wondering if you were leaving out biosphere or you simply haven't gotten around to it yet. anyway, you should check out biosphere's latest masterpiece n-plants - might be one of the best ambient albums of the recent 10 years.

  6. @ Sly: I have listened to the Biosphere album. I spent quite a bit of time with it. And I consciously left it off my charts because I believe the album is very average. To be honest, I am disappointed by it. I hoped for much, much more. It is not bad at all. But I certainly wouldn't rate it the way you do. Did very little for me.

  7. Does anyone know if the Labyrinth EP will be getting a digital release?

    Or do I need to order the vinyls?

  8. @ lukeL the labyrinth EP is vinyl only. definitely no digital.

  9. @ Chris

    Thanks mate.

    Definitely can't miss this one. Samples sound great.

  10. off to the side a little - the machinedrum record is very immersive - builds on and surpasses much of "future beats" - and does it in long-form.

  11. Thank you for all these beautiful mixes. Read you like Imaginary Softwoods too. I am a huge addict to Emeralds et al. For sure John Elliot who release the one beautiful release after the other. Outer Space, Imaginary Softwoods, Colored Mushroom & The Medicine Rocks it is all gold.

  12. looking more and more likely that the jurgen muller record is actually a modern release pretending to be 'old' maybe brad rose, but interesting in that it manages to tap that 'sound' and be (well the 1st side) the one worth revisiting the most


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