Saturday, August 13, 2011

TodaysArt update - new mixes

Just a quick post to share two recent sets from artists playing in the MNML SSGS room at the TodaysArt festival, which is being held in The Hague, 23-24 September.

First up is something from Oni Ayhun. As we've said repeatedly, for us Oni is one of the most interesting and exciting voices in contemporary electronic music. Completely demented and completely brilliant. We are thrilled he is playing at TodaysArt. This will give you a bit of an idea of what to expect:

Oni Ayhun @ klub 1500m2, Warszawa 25-3-2011

Second is a new mix from Peter van Hoesen. We've talked enough about PvH here, but suffice to say, this mix is very, very good.

Smoke Machine Podcast 022: Peter Van Hoesen

For more information about the festival, check the TodaysArt homepage. A weekend ticket is only 35 euro, and can be purchased here. We think this is incredibly good value considering everything that is happening at the festival. Between Labyrinth and TodaysArt, September is going to be a month full of excellent music...


  1. Way more chance for me to make this than Laby this year... Hmm. Chance to finally see monolake and make up for missing KR perhaps, at least partly...

  2. oh my that Oni set....i can only imagine people slowly loosing their mind to it and by the back half dancing wildly in the rain.

  3. anyone have an idea what track 2 on the PVH mix is - the one with the Into The Black Light vocal that sounds like it's sampling an old Orbital track?


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