Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ssgs in Berlin (kind of)

One of the highlights for this blog last year was being able to share the recording of John Osborn killing it at Panorama Bar. So when John asked the ssgs to contribute to his radio show on TwenFM in Berlin, we were more than happy to oblige. Last Sunday there was a guest mix from myself, and in two week's time it will be PC's turn. I spent a lot of time thinking about what to do with this mix, and at the last minute changed my mind and added a bunch of acid. Always a pretty safe move! The usual description for my mix applies: some really great tracks, hopefully ordered well, with one or two rough transitions. It turned out alright, but placed in the context of the rest of the show, it is pretty clear that John is the real DJ...

*Edit* The whole show has been removed from John's soundcloud, so this is just my mix:

Chris - TwenFM mix

1. Zwischenwelt - Shadow Being
2. Heinrich Dressel - Bodoni 1977
3. Jason Fine - Red
4. E.R.P. - Repose
5. EOD - Phontron (030303 mix)
6. MC Unknown - Untitled
7. Donnacha Costello - Rubine Red B (cd edit)
8. Plastikman - Are Friends Electrik
Tune into the next show on 13 March to catch PC's mix, and for other editions, check John's soundcloud.


  1. Great looking show, that Contra Communem Opinionem track on Mathematics is stunning. Is there talking in it? In German only?

  2. Tin Man - Acid Test 01 - Nonneo Donato Dozzy rmx


    (and english talking)

  3. no offence man, but a talking dj spoils the mix completely...

  4. Devid. No offense taken - as this is NOT a mix but a recording of a radioshow broadcast over the airwaves on 88,4 fm in Berlin every two weeks. If all the DJs on TwenFM didn't talk then what is the diff between that and an endless stream of various podcast mixes from the internet.
    No, this is about an interaction and a connection between the listeners and the DJ, a 'live audio magazine' about electronic dance music if you like.
    When it comes to radio I am an old romantic and love the idea of a listener burning the midnight candle alone listening to a radio show hosted by a DJ that entertains them directly with things that are of interest.
    That is Radio and no talking would spoil that.

  5. i much prefer listenning to radio shows thtan mixes, particularly when the dj talks about the music.

    this and the too and fro mix have reconfirmed this over the last week.

    i also thought it was funny that the name, artist and label of a track isn't "that much information" for the rough auss track...

    John why is it called Jackson Wireless Extravaganza?

  6. Glad you dig it Jimmy. Means a lot!

    Yes I realized how silly that sounded when I mentioned pretty much all there is too mention about it LOL - I guess what i was trying to say was that i didn't know really WHO it was or what scene it was connected to. :)

    Jackson is the name of my residency night here in Berlin at Cookies.

    Also in my formative years around 1993/94 I loved staying up on Sundays to listen to Andrew Weatherall on kiss fm, London with his 'Sabersonic Wireless Extravaganza' which was also the name of his club night. Andrewe them played some of teh first Peacefrog releases and really opened my world to techno - So i was giving a little personal wink to my early influences :)

  7. Simply Brilliant.
    Loving the radio format at present.
    Pleasure to listen along too.

    I've been hooked on 'to and fro' since it was run on this blog, and now we have this show!

  8. thought I left a comment here last night, it got deleted, why so? am I or my comments not welcome here? can you clarify please? only asked john for the tracklist, is that such a no no?

  9. hmm. weird. i saw that comment too. we didn't delete it. why would we? it is not offensive or anything. we basically never censor comments unless they are abusive.

    about the tracklist for john's ssg special mix, we actually posted a near complete tracklist later on. just use the search function on the right side of the main page and you will find it.

  10. I am half-baked..

    Thanks for the info!! Gosh.. sorry.. ;)

  11. the comment definitely disappeared. not sure what happened. weird. anyway...

  12. Agree with John completely. I love mixes but also radio shows. Its nice to hear a voice sometimes. It makes it really personal. Loved every track ;)


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