Friday, March 18, 2011

MNML SSGS PARTY延期のお知らせ / MNML SSGS party postponed

3月20日に予定していましたMNML SSGS PARTYは



Given the recent tragic events and current situation in Japan, we have decided to postpone the MNML SSGS party, originally planned for this Sunday 20 March. After speaking with all parties involved, we felt this was the best decision. It is disappointing, as we were very excited about our first party, but it is not the right time. We will be organising a new date for the party, and can all be together then. For anyone has advance tickets, these tickets will be valid on the rescheduled date. Otherwise they can be refunded at Module. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to get in touch.

We will let you know when a new date for the party has been worked out. In the meantime, our thoughts are with those who have suffered from the earthquake and tsunami. This is a very difficult time for Japan, but I have been amazed with the strength of this country. Full respect.


  1. hey first time poster here

    i live in kaigamori, sendai

    a lot of emotions felt at the moment obviously but mostly just sheer respect at the way the people of miyagi-ken and tohoku are coping with this. completely amazing, humbling, inspiring

    shame about the cancellation. was looking forward to going down to tokyo and hopefully making some new techno friends, but next time

  2. sorry for you guys about this but its the right decision. am wondering even about my event in May now... difficult times

  3. not a good time for NOT throwing a party in Tokyo right now .

    when the need for good music is higher than ever .

    the party should be in a bigger place,with a bigger soundsystem . . .

    and free entry


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