Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Two Finnish acts - Pan Sonic and Vladislav Delay - have had a profound impact on my understanding and appreciation of electronic music, so I was very interested when a ssg reader kindly sent us this short mix composed of Finnish experimental music made between 1969 - 1981. This was most definitely virgin territory for me, and I found the mix both fascinating and enjoyable. So I definitely recommend giving it a listen:

sipitron - fnnshmnmlsm

pekka airaksinen - m60 (dharmakustannus)
usko meriläinen - ku-gu-ku (jasemusiikki)
esa kotilainen - avartuva näkemys (love)
edward vesala - maailman reuna (johanna)
sperm - dodekafoninen talvisota (de stijl)
yhtye - apatian tanssi (love)
erkki kurenniemi - sähkösoittimen ääniä #1 (love)
jukka ruohomäki - mikä aika on (love)
aavikon kone ja moottori - karavaani (bad vugum)
j.o. mallander - in reality (anoema)

More soon...


  1. the download limit was reached on my sc account so use this url instead:

    (there's a a new direct dl link in the description text)

  2. ok, i have updated the original post with this new download link.

  3. outside the two artists you mentioned (pan sonic, vladislav delay) and newer ones like samuli kemppi and juho kahilainen, i have no other knowledge of the country's electronic music, so this is completely new to me. that said, it is very interesting to hear these decades-old approaches to experimental electronics!


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