Saturday, March 5, 2011

March charts - Chris

I put together another monthly chart for Clubberia, new releases and promos. Here you go:

1. Tim Hecker - "Ravedeath, 1972" [Kranky]: I think this will probably be one of the albums of 2011. Incredibly powerful, emotional music. I have not really been a big fan of Hecker's, but I checked this based on some recommendations from people I trust. I am glad I did.

2. Western Standards - "Space Is A Place" [Western Standards Recording Co.]: I was looking forward to this after the strong debut from Western Standards last year. I liked that LP, but this one is a cut above, a strong, complete album. Been playing this a lot.

3. Morphosis - "What Have We Learned" [Delsin]: This album isn't due to be released until next month, but it has already been generating quite a bit of hype and interest. That for me is normally, if anything, a warning sign, but in this case, I can assure you: believe the hype.

4. Tropic of Cancer - "The Sorrow Of Two Blooms" [Blackest Ever Black]: After 2 EPs from Raime, the 3rd outing for Blackest is from Tropic of Cancer aka John Mendez and Camella Lobo. They put out a fantastic EP the other year, which many people missed, but I have a feeling people will now rightly be paying closer attention with this release and a new EP on Downwards.

5. Kassem Mosse - "Workshop 12" [Workshop]: Most people who read this blog will have already purchased this EP and gone crazy over it. No need for me to say anything.

6. SCB - "Loss" [Aus Music]: Very catchy, very enjoyable. Listening to this you have to wonder if Paul Rose has been spending just a bit too much time in the Panorama Bar...

7. CRC vs. Myon - "Strings & Harmonies" [Heliocentric Music]: This is a label that really deserves more attention. This is the 4th release from Heliocentric, and pretty much all the tracks (except for one side of #3) are very strong. Classically rooted melodic techno done very well. We will be featuring a mix from these guys soon. Definitely worth checking this and the previous EPs on the label.

8. Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - "Seeping Through The Veil Of The Unconscious" [Digitalis Recordings]: Ridiculously awesome artist name. Makes quality music too. FACT wrote a good review that will do a better job than anything I am going to say. We have a Sunday mix from MSTT soon.

9. DJ HMC - "Phreakin' / Cum on" [Decks Classix]: I am not particularly patriotic, but HMC does make me proud to be Australian! Pretty easily the finest techno producer to come from down under. These are two of his best cuts. Pitch them down and they can still be very destructive. Much respect!

10. Ø - "Heijastuva" [Sähkö Recordings]: I have seen barely anyone comment about this. I don't get it. It is a new release from MIKA FUCKING VAINIO. This is definitely closer to an EP than an LP, but it doesn't really matter, the first two tracks demonstrate how much better this guy is than most producers.

That's it. Plenty of great music about...


  1. Lots of stuff to check out.

    I have to agree, the Hecker album is outstanding. As you say, very powerful.

    Have you got a chance to listen to the new MvO Trio album? I think it's amazing.

    So much good music around at the moment with so little time.

  2. am i the only one that doesn't get the kassem mosse ep?

  3. Well Eric, I haven't heard it, but I *can* tell you that it is by Kassem Mosse, and therefore it MUST be good... ...I can also tell you, without having heard it, that any prospective Omar S remix would be better, because more soulful and funky


    @ Del: yes, the Tim Hecker is extraordinary. TH's horse hitched to Ben Frost's cart. You can't go wrong, you'd think - but there is more and more going on there for me with each listen. One to really spend a lot of time with in 2011. I sort of think of it like my (imaginary) intense friend the theology and mythology student. Doesn't talk much, keeps muttering about Gozer the Sumerian or something... and something about Zuul...?

  4. Wait- Mika has a new album/ EP coming out?
    That certainly seems like it should have been news!

    Cheers to the SSG investigative reporting team for uncovering this. This must be why they pay you guys the big bucks. ;0)

  5. I've not taken to an album as instantly as to Hecker's since By The Throat, it's amazing.


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