Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Sounds - Tin Man presents Vienna Blue

A very special Sunday Sounds for you this week, care of the one and only Tin Man...

It seems one of the most difficult things for an artist to do is develop a distinctive voice, a sound that is unmistakably their own. One producer that has most definitely managed to achieve this is Tin Man. What is interesting is that he does this less through the instruments he uses, or the way the music is composed, but by really putting some of himself into his productions. In a recent interview on RA, Johannes explains why he chose the name Tin Man: "The ambition of Tin Man is to become more human, to find a heart. That's a lovely metaphor for making music—taking bits and pieces and putting them together and also always be tied back to the human condition and the condition of having a heart." That makes sense; there is something very personal and intimate to Tin Man's music. Listening to Tin Man, you sometimes feel like you are listening to someone's musical diary.

For this Sunday, Tin Man has very kindly shared with us a mix of songs from a new project he is working on:

"These are all songs I am working on now for a record called 'Vienna Blue', which is a winter record featuring cello, violin, and clarinet as well as physical modeling synthesis.  A moody narrative record playing with a variety of classical motifs. Hopefully fitting to any winter train journeys your listeners might take."


2011 looks like a busy year for Tin Man. Following on from his 'Acid Test 01' on Absurd, he has an album coming out on Salon Records called 'Perfume', which is accompanied by a single featuring a Tobias remix.  Tin Man also has remixes for Hitsafe on Shaddock, and for Giorgio Gigli and Obtane on Zooloft. He is playing in at the Unsound Festival in New York on 9 April at the Bunker. There will also be gigs in LA and the West Coast, so keep an eye on the Tin Man homepage for more info.

Big thanks to Oliver at Absurd and Donato for making the mix happen, and to Johannes for this gorgeous mix. We have been long term fans of Tin Man and we really are so excited to be able to share this with you all. Have a good Sunday...


  1. beautiful session, thanks for it!

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  3. This is really good. Especially loving the vocal "slow dance" section.

  4. thanks for the mix, i have been hanging to hear Tin Man on ssgs since his last wasteland mix that was posted some time ago

  5. This is not just for Sunday, but for every day. For me, at least.

    So eerily tranquil. Especially the "slow dance" part. That odd "calm-but-unsettling" prevalent feeling is something I don't find very often, but when I do I cling to it for life.

    It's too bad the mix isn't longer. Just when I'm about to fall off into the void, reality returns.


  6. Tin Man's last album, Scared, is still available direct from the label:

  7. Looking forward to his NY appearance at Unsound.


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