Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Me?! Again?!?! - PC meets DS for another excavation of the future

It's that time again: Dave of To-and-Fro extended his largesse to a brutha ssg once again. Had he forgotten about last time?! Well anyway, this time I feel like I was struggling with sie Englisch languwich on a number of levels - but I am Australian, so perhaps this is just expected by all you peepz, folks and lad(d)ies out there in ssglnd (whereverthefuckthatis).

Theme this time was: lost; an attempted setup that wasn't properly set up, by way of some microhouse greats, a short Isolée 'anthology' of sorts - the new album is definitely worth a close and persistent listen, by the way, it's well subtle; and a bit of a shack attack. On the matter of Shackleton I am increasingly tempted by hyperbolic statements such as: greatest contemporary producer.... but I would never succumb to such loose shayings, Shimon... schtill, when I shee the towers fall...

To and Fro is one of the best ways for people of all jurisdictions to keep up with interesting releases new and recent; the perverse among you could also use it to perfect your Melbourne accents (useful for confounding your enemies and wooing Antipodeans and any odd others with an Oz fetish). In any case, the link is here; the tracklist is here, and you can subscribe to the 'fro podcast here.

As always, I'm interested to pick up on some of the threads covered in the on-air discussion via the comments section, so please dig in, dig it, have a dig, let's do it.


  1. I LOVED this show and I'm so pleased its available for download. I listened to it on a laptop while lazing in bed (in the UK).

    My girlfriend talked through a lot of it so I'm looking forward to hearing it again through headphones. Coincidentally, I have only recently got in to Isolee - this show came in between listening to We Are Monster a lot & waiting for his new album to arrive (and I've since pre-ordered Rest, which has been remastered).

    I also want to buy & then 'study' Vocalcity at some point.

    Really enjoyed the Shackleton remixes too.

    Thanks for the education - mnml ssgs are my #1 tastemaker. I've bagged loads of your recommendations in the last year or so, from Loscil, Roll the Dice & Mapstation to G Strings, Gunnar Jonsson & Svreca. You're like the older, cooler brother I never had :)

  2. @ cdublew... ...well, you made me blush, that's very sweet of you!

    ...I listened back to my interaction with Dave on this one. Before I had, I was under the impression that I hadn't spoken much... when I arrived home, Chris had sent me three messages telling me to shut up and play some music. Well, I'm glad you got something from it, between all that gabbing.

    ...I've heard all the re-released Isolee albums have bonus tracks. Some of the Western Edits were great, too...

  3. just listened to this again as I missed the beginning when it went out live. love it! so is it a regular slot you have on the show? and is the music usually this way inclined if you're not on it? i wouldn't worry about all that gabbing by the way, that's what made it such a fun listen haha

    i am all for this trend towards more radio shows with beats and a bit of jibber jabber. the radio channels where i live now are generally shite commercial fare pretending to be hip, or just some rudeboys with a transimittor playing awful electronic music out of a south london skunk den, who keep insisting on updating us with their ever changing mobile phone numbers so that people can get "shout outs" to the three other people that have had the misfortune of tuning in. i love mixes dont get me wrong, but radioshows and mix tapes seem to be doing it for me more than anything i have listened to mix wise recently.


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