Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Input Selector mix

Just a quick post: I've put together a new mix for the Input Selector podcast series. It is a deepspace ambient mix, and a good example of the kind of sounds you can expect in the chill out room at the MNML SSGS party in Tokyo next month. I am pretty happy with how it turned out - plenty of beautiful records and it kind of fits together alright.

IS 083 - Chris (MNML SSGS)

Vangelis - Blade Runner Main Titles
Speedy J - Fill 25
Dadavistic Orchestra - Strung Valve Checkout
Relapxych.0 - City Nightlights
Koss - Odyssey
Roswell Return - Up Here
From Within - Future Surfacing (What Lies Ahead)
The Black Dog - Witches Ov (Beatless Version)
Vangelis - Tears in Rain

There is a longer writeup and more info about it here. Thanks to Arnaud and Input Selector for inviting me to contribute to their series.

For more info about the MNML SSGS party at Module on 20 March keep an eye on the blog. You can also check the event page on RA and the facebook event page. Of course I am super excited about Convextion and Sprinkles, but also really looking forward to doing the chill out room upstairs. It is going to be really nice to have it there.

Hope you enjoy the mix. More soon.


  1. Nice work. Keep that cosmic theme going :)

  2. but I see no elektrolux in there.. :( you surly must know that label, if not check it, seminal deep space ambient and elektro.. makes any chill out room a stellar oasis guaranteed, check their earlier releases, some deep vibes there..

  3. thanks again for this great session chris!

  4. Wow! Love this mix. I am so so excited about the mnml ssgs party in Tokyo. I just found out by reading the blog. I live in Denver but will be in Tokyo for my first time and coincidentally right around the time of the party. It would be an honor to meet you.

  5. Chris,

    Have been reading for a while now... loving the music you're posting (and, contrary to the complainers, your Sunday session).

    The opening track of this mix has sampling from Bladerunner, right?

    If so - I recommend the book it's based on - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - an old lecturer of mine says it's the 'one of the greatest works of twentieth century philosophy' as well as science fiction.

    Anyway - in short, loving the mix and mnmlssgs.


  6. lovely sounds, thanks. really like that dadavistic orchestra release.

  7. Superb mix.. So fluid. Thanks!

  8. Love the bladerunner opening. 6:14 in to the mix and it sounds great. really enjoying this sound texture this morning as i drink my coffee and listen with my Sony in-ear buds! thank you for this mix!

  9. Really beautiful tracks, excellent mix :)


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