Sunday, February 6, 2011

february charts

I put together a new chart for Clubberia. Here it is:

G Strings - 'The Land of Dreams' [Seventh Sign Recordings]: Classic Chicago house sounds. Repress from 1990. Sounds just as awesome. Gorgeous record.

EOD - 'Utrecht' [030303]: This one has been on heavy repeat the last few months. Most people missed it, their loss. Very Aphex Twin, without trying to be like Aphex Twin. It works at both 45 and 33, but I prefer it slower... Hopefully we will be featuring a mix from this guy at some stage in 2011.

Mike Parker - 'Subterranean Liquid' [Prologue]: What a package! Beautiful cover, two excellent tracks by Mike, and an absolutely massive remix by Dozz. First bomb techno EP of 2011.

Dadavistic Orchestra- 'Dokument .01' [Dust Science]: The Black Dog have teamed up with 3 former members of the Psychick Warriors of Gaia on this new project and the results are impressive. Thoughtful, beautiful music. They are only pressing a limited amount, I would strongly recommend ordering a copy ASAP.

Roswell Return - 'Probe' [SD Records]: Deep ambient and dubby tech done right. I really like this album. A strong album.

Skirt - 'In the Meadow Under the Stars' [Horizontal Ground]: Impressive debut from Skirt. Recently I hadn't been following FB or HG closely - not because they were putting out bad stuff, I just wasn't so interested... But that changed as soon as I heard the samples for this EP. Proper techno.

E.R.P. - 'Evoked Potentials (part 3)' [Semantica]: A new track from Convextion. Enough said.

Bvdub - 'A Silent Reign' [Styrax Records]: This took me by surprise, as it sounds more like what Bvdub was doing a few years ago. Well the reason is that this was actually made a few years ago, even if it is only coming out now. I really love this more balanced side of Bvdub.

cv313 - 'Seconds to Forever' [Echospace]: The two versions of the title track are more well produced and not very interesting dub techno, but the 22 minute live recording on the other side - 'Beyond the Clouds (reprise)' - is a reminder of how talented these guys are.

E.M.A.K. - 'A Synthetic History Of E.M.A.K. 1982-88' [Universal Sound]: Another repress, this time from Germany. Post-Kosmische I guess you'd call it. I don't know. Still sounds incredibly fresh a few decades later.

Hopefully another chart next month if I can put one together...


  1. that land of dreams is pure gold
    a couple of months back i was pondering whether or not to spend €50+ on the original pressing
    i nearly did when i read it was going to be reissued :D

  2. Thanks. some crackers I had missed. love the semantica but 9E + 10E shiping... its not not viable. thats even worse than Hardwax. wana support the label not the postal service... difficult one.

  3. I'm lovin' Skirt! Here's a mix by her.

    Another link to the Skirt mix.

  5. Yep that Semantica release is great, was lucky enough to purchase a copy with little postage fee in the UK : )

    A few releases i also digged this month:

    1] Iori/RELAPXYCH0/Mohlao/Deer- Full Circle - [Silent Season].

    2]Kassem Mosse - Workshop 12

    3]Bleak - Isolated / Bold on [Sudden Drop - SD03]

    4]Marcel Dettmann -

    5]Lucy - Beelines for working Bees - Stroboscopic Artefacts

  6. That Dozz remix is immense. Still have it stuck in my head from Lab. Nice chart overall, Chris. Keep it up!


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