Sunday, April 4, 2010

sunday sounds

short sunday post. this is more on the house tip. i've been enjoying this mix quite a bit. it is from an artist i don't know much about, but the tracklisting looked promising so i decided to give it a go. and i'm glad i did. great sounds. it also let me ID a track i've wanted to know for ages. unsurprisingly it is from atom tm, under one of his many guises... beats in space is normally a bit too hip for me, but sometimes they'll have great mixes like this. enjoy it.

beats in space #512 part 2 with brontosaurus

Adonis Presents Late Invitation - Thus

I:Cube - Operation Hypnosis

Mim Suleiman - Mingi (Instr.)

Quarion - Pepper Candy

Tin Man - Love Sex Acid
The Utopia Project - File#4

Rick "Poppa" Howard - I Won't Lay Back (Original Instrumental)
Leron Carson - Red Lightbulb

Mr. Fingers - Stars
? - Historical Archives # 13

I - L.T.B.C.Y.B.

Donnie Tempo - Mental Problem

TNT - L8

Hardy -
$tinkworx - Coelacanth

also, the previous post has become the april discussion thread, so please feel free to comment if you want. some really interesting discussion so far. anyway, have a good sunday people...


  1. Mr Fingers - Stars is such a huge huge track ... looking forward to giving this mix a go

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  3. too hip? c'mon, what do you mean by that?

  4. @ Aditya: I think Chris is talking about the NYC hipster/beardo/tipster thing, and I can see and hear it...

    the thing for me about Beats in Space is that, after all these years, Tim Sweeney is still such a dull presenter! People I sent his 'casts to also comment on it.

    Even with the amazing material he pulls and the people he talks to. Guy is inarticulate and often sounds like he's been hitting the barbs or something. And he has nearly Australian levels of 'inability to pronounce "foreign' names'. Sheesh! (that is prounced Xiii tshz, BTW) The only thing he says correctly and with enthusiasm is new YORK...

    ...there's no dissing the archive though... ...and being a podcast, I can fast forward him, so...

  5. first time I've been called hip! thanks. wish it was true. unfortunately, as PC says, I'm quite inarticulate and dull... so not very hip, I think! one day I'll learn how to pronounce those foreign names!

    glad you like the brontosaurus mix though.

  6. @ BIS: dont worry, i am just as bad with the foreign names. i think it is a problem most of us anglos suffer from... thanks for the mix.

  7. @ BIS: Sorry, Tim, I realise what I said was really bitchy! Been on my mind for days. Please accept my inarticulate apologies...

  8. as someone who worked with tim at wnyu 89.1 fm, i can attest to how dedicated and passionate he is about BIS. there's no doubting this. i believe he hasn't missed a single episode these years.

    i'd go further to say his show was one of the inspirations for me to get into DJing. long live BIS and radio!

  9. @PC/Chris no worries! let's check back in another 10 years and see if I can improve my interviewing skills by then! :)

    @Araki thank you!

  10. i really want to make clear that this was never supposed to be bashing BIS. i guess i did not choose my words carefully. i'm sorry for that. most of the mixes BIS have dont quite fit my tastes as i mentioned, but i am not suggesting that therefore bad or anything. for a long time BIS has been one of the best sources for mixes about. i always keep up with each episode just in case there is a mix like this that fits with me.

    sorry for any misinterpretation - that is part of the problem with doing a blog, you write something without thinking enough about it (because you are short on time, tired, whatever) and next thing you know, you realise you should have been much more careful.

  11. i like both mumlssgs and beat in space. particular brontosaurus's stuff is good for me.


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