Wednesday, April 28, 2010


just a quick post to say i'm off for a bit of a break... will be in berlin for this weekend, which i'm looking forward to. hope to see some fellow ssgs out and about. not sure exactly where i'll be, but presumably berghain, club de visionaire, one or two other places and then the stroboscopic artifacts party on sunday. and of course there will be the obligatory record shopping... after that, off to italia for a very special couple of days. looking forward to seeing lots of friends there, old and new.

my aim on getting back to j-land will be to take a bit of a break from ssgs for may. after 2.5 years of continual posts, organising mixes etc., i'm pretty exhausted. PC and i both want to try to push some different things here, still working out how to do that. as part of it, i think i need a bit of a breather, get some energy and come back stronger. so chances are there will be less posts from me in the next few weeks. never fear, PC will be looking after things, and there is plenty on the way - a new kevin gorman mix, an interview with the black dog and some other things. so the ssgs will keep on cooking. i just won't be around the BBQ so much...


  1. have a wonderful time chris. say hi to some people in italia from me...

  2. jealous of all the traveling you get to do! i haven't even been outside california in about a year. get some time away from here and you'll feel refreshed when you come back.

  3. enjoy Chris! you'll be sorely missed in Tokyo on 8th at Mariana though I have to say ... bring on the Hose!!!


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