Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Sounds like Solid Gold

Hello SSGs,

well, far be it from we to become aggregators of content, but in this case, this was the mix that, yet again, got me to smiling my way to the end of Sunday.

FACT's mix series is an amazing resource. We've spoken elsewhere at greater length at their punishing schedule, and how, for better or worse, it really contributes to the sense I think we all have of drowning in the datasea.

A few of FACT's mixes have really stood the test of time, but this is easily my number one.

Too often these days the emphasis is on making the 'right' mix with the 'right' tracks then delivering a technically perfect, FX-enriched finished product. Sometimes you slide off the bonnet sheen, sometimes it's all surface... okay, sometimes it works, BUT

This mix pays very, very close attention to track selection and programming. Not only that, but the live effects, vocals and commentary not only connect each track with the next, but generate an additional interesting space inside the flow of sound - queue tardis metaphor.

To be honest, I really think this mix is superior to the trio's very good album, which, at times, is just a little bit like another Massive Attack album, one they didn't record. Okay, that's unfair, it's really nice, but I don't come back to it again and again like I do with this 'ere thing. I think they've put something really precious and enduring together. Worth the price of admission for David Sylvian's vocal and lyrics on 'Ghosts' and the AMAZING Dabrye remix of Midas''One Ting'. In fact, said track is a fucking classic - get it, if you haven't got it.

Meantime, Midas. It's a keeper.



  1. that dabrye remix is so amazing, i saw that artwork, instantly got happy and put it on. I am looking forward to listening to that mix.

  2. Yep that Dabrye mix is a corker. I listened to it so much last year that I was a little disappointed when the album didn't sound more like it (silly, huh). The FACT mix got me through though..

  3. Solid gold, sunshine and sand. Deeply lovely. Cheers for posting and reupping. Classic.

  4. Lots of tracks taking me back to the good old days in this set. About time I broke out my collection of Wackies I think. It's been too long!


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