Saturday, April 10, 2010

the art of tokyo

just a quick post for everyone in tokyo about some cool things happening this week. there are 12k showcases today (saturday 9th) and tomorrow (sunday 10th). i'll be going tomorrow to catch label boss, taylor deupree, along with solo andata and minamo. also deupree has a new exhibtion on next week called 'unseen', a project based on expired polaroid film. the pic above is one of them. linked with the photos is a new release called 'snow (dusk/dawn)'. there are only 63 copies, each with a unique polaroid, which will be for sale on the opening night of the exhibition (thursday 15th april). as luck has it, i have an unchangeable family commitment that night so i am going to miss my chance to get one of these CDs. i'll just have to wait for it to be released digitally a month later... shame, as the concept is one that really appeals to me. i really love the image i've posted here, so i'll definitely be going to the exhibition at some stage. special stuff... anyway, info here about the 12k tokyo shows and deupree exhibition, and info here for the new release.

keeping with the art theme, our good friend stefan marx also has an exhibition in tokyo this week. for those who dont know stefan, he does the artwork for smallville, and many of the mule records. a lovely guy and an incredibly talented artist. his exhibition is opening on tuesday 13th then runs for a week or so. definitely check it out. i'll be there for the opening night. looking forward to it. details for the exhibition are here.

ok, that's it. i'll be trying to include more posts about upcoming gigs and stuff going on here in tokyo. more soon, including new ssg specials from deer and kevin gorman. plenty of extra heat on the way.


  1. It could be worse- at least they're releasing it digitally.

    I still don't understand why only 99 other people besides me can own that Lerosa album, since they won't release it in any other format...

    Sound like some quality events. I hope that the Stephan Marx exhibit makes its way to the U.S. mid-Atlantic some time. Love to see that...

  2. off topic, but i thought you might like this:


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