Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SSG Special – Live, lovely and by no means skittish: Deer @ Galleria Civica Modena

Hello fellow SSGs and Cervidae,

around six weeks or so ago, we were quietly excited to offer a set from Deer, Martin Hirsch's current project. Deer music takes in a number of different sources and influences, from field recording, electronica, ambient house (now there's a term you don't hear much these days), and the full spectrum of Hamburg and Heidelberg-related deep, minimalist house and techno. You can check out what he does at his website.

More immediately, Deer is part of the Weimar scene, that takes in a lot of the other talented/interesting peepz releasing on the Giegling label. Deer's own release in Giegling (and all releases on said label are limited, with amazing hand done sleeves), is still available from Clone, here. SSGs also hosted a set from Giegling affiliate Kettenkarusell last year that was one of our favourites - put it this way, I have a 30 gig iPod and mostly listen to lossless, and the set is still on there and getting a regular rinse. Fingers crossed the lads are almost recovered from their laptop theft last year...

The last Deer set we offered was, in the words of its author, "a case of 'i have to do everything improvised in max/msp phase' that disregarded the notion of building transitions or a longer narrative." This sparked a back and forth with Martin, Chris and I via email, which ended in the request for what you are about to receive (and may ye be truly thankful).

It's a typically-contemporary act of pointlessness to describe in words music you can just listen to yourself, so I'll refrain.... except to say that this set pays very close, smart attention to transitions and narratives. Yes, it's great. Deer aficionadoes will note the striking musical development since the last set; those new to the sound.... well, I'm sure it'll endear itself to you. Sorry, no excuse for the punning but too much coffee...

Context from the beast himself: "The set was recorded at the afterparty of an exhibition called "Pagine Da Un Besstiario Fantastico" at the Galleria Civica in Modena, Italy on March 20. Basically an exhibition featuring modern and contemporary art with animal depictions (and in some cases rather crude ones at that). Some surrealists like De Chirico and a lot of unknown (to me) stuff."

Oh & Ah: as Dave Aju (and every funny comedian) reminds us: timing is.....


And Deer is playing this weekend in Berlin - not in the Tiergarten. Oh dear. No, here. The link also has a pretty neat description of house music.

Okay, 'nuff text, here's the set.

Deer, live @ Galleria Civica di Modena, March 20, 2010



  1. Thanks to Martin and the ssgs for this.
    Been holding my breath for this one ! (and I'm now very blue in the face)

  2. oh dear, deer! downloading, i have a feeling this will be beautiful.

  3. deer's last release on giegling was sensational.
    plus the sleeves are so beautifully made...

    i was just wondering is every sleeve unique? i find it hard to believe that they sacrificed, say 300 sleeves of Tschaikowski's Nutcracker (thats what mine has inside) to make this...

  4. most of the giegling sleeves are original.. sometimes the guys got doubles (some records are just more common on fleamarkets than others). there are fights about who gets the most hilarious sleeves as their artist copies though :)

  5. ...and of course the ones with girls from 1970s pop records dreamily staring out of the cutout were the ones we mostly kept for ourselves ;)

  6. just downloading sounds good!

    also, not heard the term ambient house really before could come one give me some examples?

  7. thanks for the info deer.. good to know that thought and time is put on the sleeves as well... makes it personal and they stand out...

    its all about the music though. any chance we might get a tracklist for this.. some mind blowing tunes in there

  8. thanks giorgio, much appreciated!

    I can try a tracklist, quite a bit of this is changed quite a bit for the live set - and a lot of the stuff is unreleased as of yet..

    0:00-8:30 Galleria Intro (unreleased)

    8:30-17:50 Liquid Three (unreleased, going to finish this one soon, co-produced by Dwig)

    17:50-23:15 Christian Rottler vs Somos (Deer Remix) - to be released digitally end of April together with another Deer Mix and ones by Douglas Greed and Comixxx - watch

    23:15-29:20 Signs and Ports (old+unreleased, can post it for free on soundcloud)

    29:20-34:53 Norken + Deer - Beyond the Breeze (Combination Records)

    34:53-40:36 She Took The Scenic Route (unreleased)

    40:36-44:41 Row After Row (out on my free EP)

    44:41-48:58 Guaranteed Repairs (unreleased)

    48:58-1:03:10 Medley of two current tunes I'm working on.. unreleased and unsigned as well at the moment.

    1:03:10-end Closet Gap (released on the Neo Ouija compilation Diaspora:Cottage Industries 5)

  9. loving this mix! track at 51 minutes is awesome.

  10. mostly unreleased :( .. should've known better
    thanks martin anyway

  11. on my third listen in about 9 hours. this has got me through a /very/ tough day of work. thanks!

  12. Love it! Nice harmonies throughout.

    Just curious, when it's referred to as "Live", does that mean Ableton Live clips, mixed live? Not hating or anything, Ableton user here too, just wanted some insight. It's okay if this is a trade secret ;)

  13. No doubt, we are already excited to have deer with us on Saturday getting some ambiance in house.
    For that mentioned neat description of house music I have to admit I picked it from wikipedia. Praise some anonymous contributor though.

  14. Hey Tony - hehe no worries regarding the trade secrets, I'm not too much about proprietary thoughts :)

    anyways, yes, this is mixed in Ableton.. a blend of wave loops I recorded from my hardware (machinedrum, nord modular g2 and prophet 08 mostly) and some drum racks, plus effects. first time I was using the APC40 midi controller in a live situation too, didn't have to use the mouse once. when playing with my pal Dwig I usually bring out the Machinedrum and one of the synths and sync up with his laptop.

    see you tomorrow Mr. Spule, about to hit the road here!

  15. ah you use the Machinedrum, Sick!

    Lovely set, great pace. Thanks

  16. 17:50-23:15 -> my mind is imploding upon itself

    for the 5th time and am still astounded
    the last track is also sublime
    any chance any of these will be released on vinyl? =)

  17. "the last track is also sublime"

    indeed. love it

  18. thanks everyone. you can check out the last track individually on soundcloud here:

  19. Spending a lot of time with this one, love it, particularly Liquid Three!

  20. Its been almost 7 months since hearing this set for the first time and it was so inspiring I contacted Deer (Martin) in hopes of wanting to work together on a 12". The results are going to be ready for release in 2 weeks. Here are the samples:

    Thanks mnml ssgs for providing inspiring music, I have you to thank for the introduction to Deer.



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