Sunday, January 24, 2010

sunday sounds: dark arx

i'm trying to keep things a bit varied with sunday sounds, otherwise i'd just be posting ambient every week based on where my head is at right now. saying that, this is not too far removed, as today's mix has some pretty spaced out and downbeat moments, but more on the dubstep and deep electronics tip. it comes from dark arx recordings, a new label, which sounds like it has real promise. i was sent this mix the other week, but it quickly got lost in the huge pile of promos and mixes i need to listen to. then one day i was listening to a dozzy mix, it finished, and itunes moved onto a mix entitled DKX001. i had no idea who the mix was by, but i liked it. after repeat listens, i typed the title into google and worked out it was the dark arx mix. cool. this is how i like discovering sounds. enjoy people, well geared for a sunday.

dark arx recordings podcast #1

Ocean Of Emptiness - Deepchord (Modern Love)
66/31 - Binary Sequence (Dark Arx dubplate)
Junction (Shed Remix) - Peverelist (Tectonic)
Below The ice - Binary Sequence (Dark Arx dubplate)
Fall - Blue Daisy (Black Acre)
K&G Beat - Floating Points (Planet Mu)
Hard Boiled (SCB Edit) - Scuba (Hot Flush)
Argent & Sable - Dark Arx (Dark Arx dubplate)
50 Mile View - Mount Kimbie (Hot Flush)
Arc - Binary Sequence (Dark Arx dubplate)
Brother: The Point (2562 Remix) - Pattie Blingh and The Akebulan 5 (Ramp)
In System Travel - Jamie Vex (Planet Mu)
The Beast (Autechre remix) - Palm Skin Productions (Mo' Wax)

for more info on dark arx's releases, check their site. based on this mix, i think i'll be keeping an eye on them. anyway, have a good sunday people...


  1. Really digging this mix. Nice atmospheric dubteppy stuff.

    Oh, and, if you feel like you want to post ambient stuff, go right ahead. It's your blog. I would suggest doing what you did with the 'set up' stuff; where you would post various sets in one post.

  2. @ feroce: the reason why there havent been any 'set up' posts in a while is simply i havent had the time to work out which ones to focus on. once the mix series ends, i imagine those kinds of posts will be much more frequent.

  3. nice mix.. although it needs a second listen
    @ chris: when are you thinking of ending the mix series? say at #50 for instance?

  4. @ giorgio: i am not sure on the exact number, more than 50. probably about 55 i am guessing.

  5. you can go to mx every month

  6. funny thing as i read the short text written here. I also DL this mix when it was posted and it also got lost in huge amounts of podcasts and new albums and today i accidentally fell on it and have been listeneing to it a few times in a row. It's an excellent mix very catchy/trippy. Some tracks have an old Swayzak kind of sound to them (if that means anything...).

    In other words, to fully enjoy this mix, DL it, forget it and retrieve it in a month or so.

    Thx - great blog btw !


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