Thursday, January 28, 2010

listening to...

three ambient mixes i've been really enjoying lately:

suzi wong - dreamers of dreams mix: full to the brim of '90s ambient, electronica etc - plenty of KLF, autechre, those kind of sounds.

tommi grönlund - l'effet papillon mix: a mix from 2008 to go with an art installation. who is tommi? the dude behind sähkö recordings. enough said.

terre thaemlitz - live in calgary 06-01-1996 side a / side b: this was posted in the comments section for terre's stunning RA 'cast (easily one of my favourite mixes in a long time). very clear proof that midtown blues is not exactly out of the blue, so to speak...

add in a lot of william basinski, the recent ssg and sunday mixes, the new remixes from function (on electric deluxe) and oni ayhun (on kontra), and that is what i've been listening to lately.


  1. Any mix named after a track from S.A.W. 85-92 piques my interest from the get go.

    Thanks for the tip offs as always.

    That Terre RA cast is something else...

  2. @ brad: just listening to terre's RA 'cast and this is what i tweeted:

    terre thaemlitz's RA 'cast is stunning. can't get enough of it. listening to it really shows up most of the junk floating out there.

    absolutely brilliant. to be honest, i reckon the best mixes i've heard this year have been this plus the ssg ones.

  3. I am just listening to side B of the terre thaemlitz mix tape.

    Utterly amazing

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  5. Yeah, I didn't really know what to make of the RA Cast at first. I've never heard anything quite like it. Probably just evidence that Terre's such a talented artist. To be honest I still haven't gotten Midtown 120, let alone any of his older stuff, so this was a bit of a brave new world for me. Very glad I stuck with it.

    As far as the SSG Mixes go- I know there were some mixed feelings at the time about it but I still cannot get enough of that Oni Ayhun mix. So fantastic.

    Also- All of Oni's OAR albums are now available digitally, for those who missed out on the vinyls and don't want to pay 25 euros for OAR1 on discogs. I just picked up all three and am loving 'em.

  6. Just got around to listening to Terre's RA cast this morning. Fantastic. All I have to say.

    Also, I've tried searching for that Oni Ahyun remix on Kontra but can't find a seller or samples anywhere.

  7. @ bewgls: i got a promo of the kontra release. dont think it comes out until mid march maybe. definitely keep an eye out. playful oni ayhun remix and a driving ben klock one makes for a strong EP.

    @ brad: glad you are loving the oni recording. i love it too. very proud we were able to secure that. took a lot of effort. definitely worth it. make sure to check the knife album that has just been released. similar sounds there.

    happy there is some terre love. amazing amazing.

  8. I have just checked out the tracks on Scuba's new Ostgut mix, looks special. Nice to see him playing Sigha, whose productions are impressing me a lot.

    Getting this mix as I type.

  9. @Chris: Can't wait to check out that Knife opera. I think it comes out this Tuesday in digital form.

    Not sure if this is common knowledge amongst the SSG massive, but there are two Knife related mixes floating around the net that some might be interested in hearing. One is by Olaf from a few years back and the other is Karen from a month ago. Haven't had much chance to listen to them yet, so I can't report too much on the content.

    Olaf- 2006:

    Karen-Dec. 2009:

  10. If people are really feelin the ambient mixes (especially the one that I posted of Terre in Calgary) I want to humbly recommend this 2 part mixtape I did back in '96:

  11. thanks deejaycountzero, downloading your mixtape now.

  12. @ brad: listening to olaf's mix now. thanks for the heads up. i'm liking it. except for him playing ame. god i hate that track. but i forgive him. the new knife album is very interesting too...

  13. Terre's expectedly brilliant but this Tommi guy's mix is really really good too. Wow.


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