Tuesday, January 26, 2010

mx48: redshape - tracklisting

so you can work out what the tracks besides the radiohead ones are, here is the tracklisting for redshape's stunning 'twilight zone in rabbit holes' mix

mnml ssgs mx48: redshape

01. Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place - EMI
02. Hot Lizard - The Theme (Carl Craig Mix) - Pacific Records
03. The Flying Lizards - Steam Away - Virgin
04. Shackleton - Death Is Not Final - Skull Disco
05. Planetary Assault Systems - Tap Dance - Peacefrog
06. Wishmountain - Radio - Evolution
07. DJ Funk - Knock Knock - Cosmic
08. Radiohead - Idiotheque - EMI
09. 154 - Apricot - Delsin
10. Radio Boy - A Machine Drilling For Oil - Accidental
11. 154 - Sniper - Delsin
12. Tangerine Dream - Quichotte Part II - Amiga
13. Speedy J - Patterns (Remix) - Novamute


  1. thank you very much, I was afraid i'd never find out who made such deep driving techno. There's some very unique tracks in the mix.

  2. ah, right, 154, that's the one i was looking for. thank you! :-)

  3. 154 (Newworldaquarium apparently) - ordering now from Delsin. 2004 release & can't wait to receive it.

  4. and we even have the delsin crew on our facebook. ai ai, we suck pete! ;-)

  5. weird and a little bit boring mix - but 154 ^^ wery nice

  6. Totally lost the flow for me after "Idioteque" - particularly didn't enjoy the second to last track with the space-electric-guitar noise (?!). Shame as the first half was excellent!

  7. >second to last track with the space-electric-guitar noise (?!)
    it's classic of krautrock )

  8. absolutely amazing mix - my fav of 2010 so far. very unique, deep vibe and takes me back to why I loved "Kid A" so much in college. and don't knock the Tangerine Dream... he mixes it perfectly! Much respect to Redshape & the SSGs crew. - B80

  9. Absolutely gorgeous mix from Redshape. This how mixes should be made. No trendy sounds & famous tunes (except few ones). Trully musical, thanks!

  10. impressive mix; something you wouldn't expect from Detroit techno DJ, but from Redshape you would. catchy, smart, balanced.

  11. Any mix that includes Hot Lizard "The Theme" makes me pretty damn happy.


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