Sunday, January 24, 2010

fishing for new ideas

one trend in 2009 i had a big problem with was the flood of podcasts. it seemed like every week, a new podcast was appearing. of course, some have been good and have contributed to some great mixes appearing. but. but the majority of these new 'casts just seemed to lack much purpose beyond either basic promotion or a feeling that an artist/label/blogger etc. should have a podcast series. then there was the related problem of more established podcasts turning them out at a ridiculous rate. FACT and modyfier both have some really great mixes, but they get buried and lost amongst all the constant stream of mixes they are putting out. something like 2-3 a week often. it is crazy. too much. too much. one reason we decided we wanted to (slowly) close our mix series was a sense of unease and discomfort with this situation, and a feeling we were perhaps contributing. at times, we definitely have felt like we have been doing too many mixes.

given these feelings, i have been really happy to see that 2010 has started with 2 new mix series, both which have really well defined and worthwhile concepts. thought have gone into these, and i have the hope/feeling they could be very worthwhile.

graphite north - unseen selectors: 'Each volume will be mixed by someone you might recognise, but rather than reveal who, we're sticking to revealing only the names of the tracks and artists on the mix... We think there's a bit too much invested in name DJs , so we're trying to focus on the people making the music behind the mix...'

promo mixes: 'The premise is simple. A different DJ each month makes a promo mix from a club of the past.  They might have played there, they might have danced there, they might have never gone there at all. Hopefully it will be an exercise in nostalgia, imagination or great music. If we're lucky, it'll be all three.'

both great concepts. the first unseen selectors mix is really nice, a strong collection of contemporary techno that will appeal to many ssgs. the first promo mix is from finn johannsen, who is fast becoming one of my favourite DJs right now. his contribution is an absolute beauty, probably my early favourite from 2010.

lets hope these are signs of more creative thinking, because that is what is needed right now. we are slightly worried that the way electronic music is engaged with online is getting a bit stale and rigid. time to inject some new ideas.


  1. indeed, i like the graphite north thinking also a lot. nice iniciative.

  2. Couldn't agree more, I find listening to podcasts more as a chore sometimes than something I enjoy. I listen just in case, but most of the time find myself listening one time and trashing them. I think once a month is a perfect time interval for a cast. Gives me enough time to listen too it enough times to absorb the music before the next one comes out. What I really like about the ssg mixes is that I know you guys aren't going to post something you think is crap, and even if it's not the sound I'm particularly into, at least it's going to be interesting.

  3. the promomix is really nice. nice ending track, had forgotten about that gem. now time to check the graphite!


  4. Thanks a lot... the promo series looks wicked!! here is another mix i just probably have it Chris! how do you find these guys?!?!?!

    ps just bought the Kixxbrr... nice surprise to see copies still there at Boomkat for a change! what a ridiculous name but how the hell did that slip thru the net. killer!!!

  5. @ dave: havent come across that mix of finn's before. tracklisting looks great. thanks for the heads up.

  6. love that promomix concept, and the first mix is awesome. I just wish they could take club / year requests ;) - I'd prolly go for Bonny Doon Beach, 1991

  7. Thanks for turning me on to Finn. Great mix. The first i heard of the guy was the mix you guys put up a while which is just quality thru and thru!

  8. I'd actually like to say thanks for sharing these comments out in the open. I'm always looking to fish for new ideas, and want to ensure that any output is worthwhile -- nothing like diluting the playing field. Will be in the shop for a bit to think on how to seek out some "improvements."

  9. The promo mix is on heavy, heavy rotation for some weeks now. Definetely one of the most listened to mixes of the last months.
    The idea behind that mix series is great...


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