Monday, June 29, 2009

sunday special

move d & benjamin brunn livepa @ between us 14.4.07

their two albums have probably been amongst the things i've listened to most in the last 12-18 months. truly special, unique sounds. this is the first recording i've found of a livepa they've done.

and when grabbing the picture for this post i found on their myspace the video for their track 'vorhaus' from meakusma's rüts dvd. you can download the video here.

enjoy these special sounds.


  1. Wow this is perfect music for the mood I'm in right now. Thanks for this!

  2. you just keep giving and giving...thanks again chris. this is a superb treat. can't wait for giorgio gigli tomorrow.

  3. oh man thanks for this !
    one of the greatest ive heard in a long time now...
    hope gigli will be something;]

  4. Cheers for this, should be just the ticket for a lazy summer evening in Blighty right now


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