Monday, June 15, 2009

mx28 - yuka: tracklisting

here is the tracklisting for yuka's ssg mix. delta funktionen's will be up tomorrow, and we have a few more bombs in store after that...

mnml ssgs mx28 - yuka
  1. Traversable Wormhole vol.1
  2. N/A – Variance III (Marcel Dettmann adit)
  3. nAX_acid – Synthetic Nature
  4. Sebastian Altstadt – Under A Killing Moon (George Jupiter rmx)
  5. Volker Dornhagen – Kunst Mit Astrid
  6. Edit-Select – Aurian
  7. Rose&Ulysse – Vanda (Edit-Select rmx)
  8. Ulysse – Sometimes
  9. Rose&Ulysse – Myosotis
  10. Edit-Select – Bantu
  11. nAX_acid /Giorgio Gigli – Depth Perception
  12. Brando Lupi – Modular Unit
  13. Chaton+Hopen – Life Is Wonders (Donato Dozzy reconstruction)
  14. From Karaoke to Stardom – Here Is A Fruit


  1. let me be the first to write a comment about this tracklist. actually i find it disappointing. i even know / have every track. some tracks aren't even that great when i listen to them not being used in a mix.
    BUT yuka managed to create an extraordinary atmosphere, using these tracks. so the only thing i can and have to say, is that i have lots of respect for yuka's creation. this is the prove she's a great talent.
    also, this proves that a tracklist shouldn't be posted together with a mix.
    thank you very much ssg boys!

  2. ^That was a very pointless comment. Thanks. Great mix, and the tracklist is unimportant.

  3. why was it pointless? i find it tells a lot about the quality of the mix, in a very positive way!

  4. this mix is stunning. love it.

    have lost track of the number of times i have listened to it...i just keep coming back for more.

  5. Ahhhhhhhh, so THAT explains why this is my most-listened-to mix of the last month or so. Goodness. Yuka may be a better architect than Frank Gehry.

    What a mix! Thanks again to all involved!

  6. This mix conveys darkness and subtlety. It's very beautiful.

  7. (I know it's a late post)
    Tracklist not important ?
    I completely disagree.

    1) Creators are more important than dj even if it's Yuka or Laurent Garnier.

    2) Listeners are not always just listeners. They may want to discover new artists.

    3) Because no tracklist does'nt show respect to artists who created tracks. Without those tracks, no mix. Tracklists show RESPECT.



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